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Customization Basics

To modify tab and channel properties or to add new tabs and channels to the layout, click on the "Content Layout" link found above the tabs in the upper left hand corner of BengalWeb.

Content Layout Link

The Manage Content/Layout page appears showing a miniature image of the system layout. Here you can add, delete, or move tabs and channels, and make other changes to your layout.

1. Select the tab you wish to modifiy by clicking on its name.

Manage Content/Layout Page

2. On the miniaturized layout of each tab, you'll see these tools:

Tools for Managing Content/Layout

Add Tab: Click to add a new tab to your layout (Detailed Tab Instructions).

Fragments: Not available for most users.

Add Column: Click to add a new column to the layout of a selected tab (Detailed Column Instructions).

Select Column: Click to select a column to move horizontally within the layout of a selected tab or to adjust the widths of the columns on a tab (Detailed Column Instructions).

New Channel: Click to add a new channel to the selected tab in a specified area (Detailed Channel Instructions).

Directional arrows: Click to move a tab horizontally in the display, a column horizontally in a given tab, or a channel horizontally across columns or vertically within a column.

Delete a Channel: Click the black ( X ) to remove a channel from a tab.If a channel is not removable, the icon will be grayed out.

Delete a Channel