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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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Chances are good that your question has been asked before, perhaps many times. That's where an FAQ list comes in handy. But if your question isn't handled here, you can always call the IT Service Desk; their helpful staff specialize in answering all sorts of tech questions.

Here's how to get in touch:     282-4357 (help)

Questions About BengalWeb

Q: What is BengalWeb?

A: BengalWeb is the name of ISU's portal — the electronic gateway to get to all the things you need to do on campus . . . and more! More info . . .

Q: How do I log on to BengalWeb?

A: No changes here — it's the same username as for your ISU e-mail: for most people, it's the first four letters of their last name, then the first four letters of their first name. (So, Benny Bengal's login would be bengbenn.) More info on logging in . . .

Q: Oops! I forgot my password. Now what?

A: Get in touch with the friendly folks at the IT Service Desk: 282-4357 (help) or

Q: Why do I not get my pay stub anymore?

A: If you are using Direct Deposit, you won't get a printout of your pay stub. You can still look it up, however, through the Employees tab on BengalWeb. Click on that tab, then look in the "Employment Details" box. Pay Stub is listed as one of the choices.

Q: What does the Groups icon on BengalWeb do?

A: BengalWeb allows anyone on campus to set up an online group. Click on the Groups icon to open a page where you'll see three tabs: My Groups (the groups you belong to); Groups Index (all the groups on campus); and Request Group (to start a new group). When you start a new Group, BengalWeb will set up a basic webpage for you, featuring photos, articles, announcements, message boards, links, and news--all very handy things for groups to have. More info on groups . . .

Q: How do I get rid of stuff on BengalWeb that I don't want?

A: Each of those boxes on BengalWeb is called a channel (more info on BengalWeb basics). Some of the channels are permanent, so you're stuck with those. Others can be removed if you don't want them on your page. The way to tell which is which is to look at the little icons in the upper right corner of each channel.

If the X box on the far right is light gray instead of black (like the example above) that means the channel has to stay there. If, however, the channel is dark black, you can remove it from your screen. Just click on the X and that channel will go away. More info on customizing your view . . .

Q: What if my question isn't listed here?

A: Give a quick call to the IT Service Desk: 282-4357 (help) or to see if they can answer your question. Then share your question with us--we're always looking for good ones to add to the list.

Q: Can I get into BengalWeb from home?

A: You bet, and from anywhere else with Internet access too: the library, your boyfriend's house, the SUB, the tire shop with Wi-Fi, etc. Here's a link: Bengalweb Login.

Q: How do I add stuff to my BengalWeb page?

A: You can personalize much of BengalWeb--although some of the stuff is on your BengalWeb page permanently. BengalWeb has a list of channels (those boxes on the screen) that can be easily added, but you can also add links to things not listed. Full instructions are located in the User's Guide, under "How to Customize Your View," but if you want to just poke around and figure things out, click on the "Content Layout" link in the upper left corner of BengalWeb.

A picture of the Content Layout Link on BengalWeb

Q: Where do I go to enter my time online?

A: Go to the ISU web Time Clock Plus site and in the prompt for your Id Number, enter your 6 digit Bengal ID Number.

Picture of Time Reporting Site

Be sure to continue through all the steps of clocking in or your time will not be recorded correctly.

Q: Do I have to have an ISU computer account to use BengalWeb?

A: Nope. An ISU computer account is required if you want to use any of the computers in ISU's computer labs--the fees pay for the computers and printers there. You don't need to have one of those accounts to log in to BengalWeb.

Q: Do I have to be an ISU student to use BengalWeb?

A: No, you don't have to be an ISU student; you can also get on BengalWeb if you are a faculty or staff member. But, you do have to have some sort of affiliation with ISU--the general public won't be able to access BengalWeb.

Q: I got a message that says my account has been disabled for security reasons. What did I do wrong and how do I fix it?

A: These type of "Account Disabled" messages show up for different reasons, but most are tied to multiple unsuccessful attempts to login. This is meant to protect your account from hackers, but it also means you will need to call the IT Service Desk to open it back up: 282-HELP (4357).

Q: How secure is my information in BengalWeb?

A: We've made the information very, very secure from our end. Your information is encrypted and protected with some of the best technology available. However, none of our efforts will do any good if you are careless. BengalWeb provides easy access to all sorts of things once you're logged in. That's very convenient, but also dangerous. You should never leave BengalWeb open if you aren't at your computer, and you should NEVER give your password to anyone else (or use theirs).

Questions About Web Time Entry

Q: Who is supposed to use Web Time Entry and who isn't?

A: You really need to ask your time approver if you're not sure. But, generally speaking, anyone who accumulates vacation and sick leave should do Web Time Entry. Faculty need to use Web Time Entry to enter sick leave they take; student and part time employees will use Web Time Entry to enter hours they work. If your area is on a time clock of some sort, then you really DO need to talk to your time approver to find out what to do.

Q: What if I don't have a computer to enter my time on?

A: You can access the Web Time Entry screen through any Internet browser, so the computer kiosks in the various hallways around campus will work. You can do this off campus too — any computer with Internet access will do the trick.

Q: Whoops, I hit submit before I finished entering my time. Now what?

A: Well, you can't just unsubmit, so you're going to have to go to your time approver and tell him or her what happened. Then they'll have to fix or add things you want in your timesheet.

Q: Why do I have to enter a "1" under no exceptions?

A: If you didn't have any exceptions for the entire 2 week pay period, you need to let the system know that, yes, you are checking in and entering your time information, but that you don't have any exceptions. The system is set up to accept a positive number in any of the "enter time" fields, so a "1" is what you must enter. This signals that you have logged your time. Think of it like checking off a "No Exceptions" box on your time form. We know, it's a bit confusing, but that's how the system works.

Q: How come the "Total Hours" column on my Web Time Entry Form shows a 1?

A: All that means is that you have entered 1 hour in that column--it does NOT mean you only worked 1 hour. The Total Hours at the bottom shows the total of that column--which is the total hours reported on the form. It has nothing to do with the hours you worked.

Picture of Total Hours column

Q: Do adjunct faculty need to enter time online?

A: Nope, not if they don't accrue any leave. They are paid by the terms of a contract, so they don't need to do any sort of time entering. The contract spells out how much money they are paid over how many weeks.

Q: What are all those different earnings categories listed on my time sheet?

A: We've got a list of definitions of those earnings categories to help you figure this out. Here's a link: Earning Categories.

Q: What happens if my time sheet isn't submitted by the deadline?

A: Depends on what type of employee you are. If you are a classified or non-classified employee or a faculty member, you'll still get paid. You'll have to clear up any exceptions that didn't get reported this time on your next web time entry screen, however. If you are a part-time or student employee entering the hours you worked, you won't get paid at all if you don't submit your time, because the system doesn't know how much to pay you for. Of course you can add those hours to your next time sheet, but you won't get paid until then.

Q: How do I enter my time in Web Time Entry?

A: You really should watch the online tutorial for a good, in-depth answer to this question: Webtime Entry Tutorial Link.

Having said that, here's a greatly shortened version.

If you are a student employee or a part-time hourly employee, go to the "Time Reporting" channel in the "Employees" tab in BengalWeb and click on the payroll dates. When the next screen opens, type your hours in to the days you worked, and hit submit when you are completely done--since hitting submit means you can't make any further changes.

If you are a faculty member, go to the "Time Reporting" channel in the "Employees" tab in BengalWeb. Open the correct payroll dates and enter any leave you have taken in the right place. If you have not taken any sick leave , you should type a "1" into one of the "Enter Hours" slots on the "No Exceptions" line. Then submit your time for approval..

If you are a non-classified employee, go to the "Time Reporting" channel in the "Employees" tab in BengalWeb. Open the correct payroll dates and enter any leave you have taken in the right place. If you have not taken any leave or earned any comp time, you should type a "1" into one of the "Enter Hours" slots on the "No Exceptions" line. Then submit your time for approval.

If your are a classified employee, go to the "Time Reporting" channel in the "Employees" tab in BengalWeb. Open the correct payroll dates and enter any leave you have taken or comp time you have earned in the right place. If you do not have any leave or comp time to report for the whole pay period, enter a "1" in one of the "Enter hours" slots on the "No Exceptions" line in one of the weeks, then submit for approval.

Q: Can I use my browser's back button to go to another screen in my time sheet?

A: No, bad idea. Sure, it may work sometimes, but other times it causes a big error and makes you have to restart your time sheet over from the beginning. Use that little "Back to Employees Tab" link in the upper left corner instead.


Q: How come the hours I entered are in the wrong day on the preview screen?

A: Probably because you entered a zero somewhere on your time sheet. The zero doesn't mess with the actual time you'll get paid for, but it really messes with the preview screen. If you don't have anything to report for a day, just leave it blank.

Q: What's that little red flag on my Time Reporting Channel?

A: No, you didn't mess anything up. That little red flag shows up 3 days before the time sheet is due and stays there after the due date has passed. Eventually Payroll will take that time sheet out of your channel, but while it is there you can go in and look at your old time sheet and see if any corrections were made.

Red Flag

Q: There was a federal holiday during this pay period, so I didn't come in to work. How do I report that on my time sheet?

A: Banner is a smart system. It knows there was a federal holiday, so it will take care of entering the right information for that day. You should just leave that day blank on your time sheet.

Q: My electronic pay stub doesn't have my name or SSN on it anywhere, and I need to have proof of income to get a loan. What should I do?

A: Have your lending institution contact HR/Payroll and ask for a Verification of Employment for you. That should provide them with the information they need.

Q: What are the numbers next to my title on my time sheet?

A: The first number is your position number, which appears on the line that says "Title and Number." The number on the next line, "Department and Number," is called your T-org number (notice that it starts with a "T".) This number is the number assigned to your time approver. Employees with the same T-org all have their time approved by the same person.

Q: What is a T-ORG?

A: It's a kind of routing number that refers to your Time Approver. Everyone with the same T-ORG has the same time approver. So, after you enter your time, that number designates who your time card goes to for approval.

Q: What are the different ways to enter time?

A: There are actually 4 different ways for employees to enter time so they can get paid. However, you have no choice in the matter: you enter your time according to the procedures for your particular area. If you're not sure, you should ask your time approver which method you use.

Most employees on campus do Web Time Entry, using a Time Reporting channel in BengalWeb. After they have entered and submitted their time, it goes electronically to their time approver for approval, then on to payroll for processing.

A few areas are using Department Time Entry, which involves someone in the office typing in all the hours worked for all the employees in that area. This is ONLY used when having the employee enter their own time online is not feasible. For example, some areas, like the carpentry or paint shops in facilities, don't have computers, so it really isn't feasible to expect them to enter their time on a computer. These areas punch time clocks or fill out paper time sheets, and someone takes those time cards and enters their hours into the system for them. After that, the time electronically goes to the time approver, then on to payroll for processing.

There are two other types of time entry on campus, both using electronic time cards: Dentrix and Time Clock Plus. In both of these systems, the employees log onto a electronic time clock when they show up for work and log out when they leave. The program tracks the hours and creates a report that Payroll then uses to process the employees hours.

Questions About Time Approval

Q: What is my job, as a time approver?

A: It's simple: Your job is to make sure your employees submit their time sheets on time and accurately. This means reminding them if they haven't submitted and the deadline is coming up; this means knowing--for sure--how to correctly fill in a time sheet, then checking each employee's time sheet to make sure they did it correctly; this means correcting any mistakes they made and providing a comment that explains your actions; and this means making sure other parts are accurate as well, including account codes. When you approve a time sheet, you are saying that this time sheet is complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

Q: I'm a time approver, and I just noticed an error on one of the time sheets I'm supposed to approve. What do I do?

A: Fix it, and make sure to write a note explaining what you did in the comments section before you submit it. You'll want to let the employee know you made a change too, since the system won't automatically alert them to timesheet changes. Here's a link to more detailed instructions: Time Approver Instructions.

Q: What is a proxy?

A: A proxy is someone who can approve time for you when you can't do it yourself (perhaps you're going in for surgery, or maybe leaving the country). Your proxy choice must be approved and set up by payroll, and if your area requires an unusual proxy setup, you may need approval from your University Business Officer as well.

Once your proxy is approved and set up, you must designate that person as your proxy by clicking on the Update Approval Proxies link in your Time Approval Channel. Then select your proxy from the drop down list on the Proxy Set Up page and click on the Add box. Click Save and you're set.

Q: I just got an error message when I tried to approve the time assigned to me. The error says "PI_TIME_APPROVAL DEFAULT ORA-06502:PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small" What does this mean?

A: This error message is caused by too much information being pushed through the channel for it to handle. While we work on getting it fixed, you can still access the time you need to approve through a back door, of sorts. Click on your own time sheet in your time reporting channel. Up at the top left you'll see an orange Employee tab, next to the Personal Information tab. Click on the orange tab and then Time Sheet, which will bring up a Time Reporting Selection page. Click on "Approve or Acknowledge Time" then Select. You should be able to approve your time from the screen that appears. Don't forget that the Service Desk can walk you through these issues too. Their number is 282-HELP (4357).