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View Detailed Section Information

  1. Log in to BengalWeb, and go to the Faculty Section Assignments channel on the Academics tab. A list of your course assignments is displayed. To view detailed information for a course, click section title. (Note: You can also click on a course number shown in the Faculty Schedule channel to see the same information.)

  2. The Faculty Detail Schedule screen appears displaying information about your course. You can click the blue hyperlinks to add syllabus and office hours from this screen instead of using the icons in the Faculty Section Assignments channel. If you've already added them, you can click here to view or edit.

    You can also click the links on this screen to view your rosters (classlist and waitlist). If you've entered your office hours, they will be displayed below the scheduled meeting times for the course.

    Schedule In addition, links at the bottom of the screen can be used to access classlists, waitlists, grading features, and other tools further described in the instructions for the Faculty Tools channel.