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Adding Syllabus Information, Office Hours, & Emailing Class

Add Syllabus
Add Office Hours
Email Class

Add Syllabus

  1. Click the Syllabus icon to add syllabus information.
  2. Note: Syllabus will be available ONLY to students who have already registered for your class. Entering syllabus information is completely optional. The default field names are those provided by Banner. At this time, they cannot be modified.

    Moodle Users: You may simply wish to enter "Syllabus will be posted in Moodle." Moodle will automatically merge cross-listed courses.  For sections taught at multiple levels (undergrad/grad) or locations, you may request a single Moodle ISU course with all your students enrolled. Please see the  General Moodle Instructor Procedures on the ITRC website. 

  3. The Syllabus Information screen appears. Enter information for students to see, and then click Submit.Syllabus Information

Add Office Hours

  1. Click the Office Hours (clock) icon to add office hours information.
    Office Hours
  2. Note: Office hours will be available ONLY to students who have already registered for your class. Entering office hours information is completely optional, although it will provide an added convenience for students.

  3. The Office Hours screen appears. Notice that you can enter different office hours for each class that you are teaching. After entering, you may use the Copy To function to copy the same hours to your other classes, or you can enter different hours for each class.
  4. Using 24-hour (military) time, enter From/To Times for the class associated with the icon you clicked. Enter Day(s) of Week, select Contact Number, enter Location, From/To Dates, select Display to allow students to view your hours, and then click Submit.

    From/To Times and From/To Dates are required when adding hours. If you do not enter From/To Dates, hours will not be saved.

Office Hours Screen

Email Class

Click the Email icon to send an email to your class. Note: This will work only if you have an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird installed. It will not currently work with Gmail.

Email Link

Moodle Users: You may also use Moodle to email your class. Starting with Fall 2010, courses are created in Moodle ISU based on information provided in the class schedule and managed by the ISU Registrar. If you are an instructor and need a course added to Moodle ISU, please see the General Moodle Instructor Procedures on the ITRC website, and contact your department course scheduler.