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Viewing, Saving & Printing Your Class Rosters

Viewing Your Roster
Saving & Printing Your Roster as a Word Document
Saving Your Roster as a Spreadsheet

Viewing Your Roster:

  1. Log in to BengalWeb, and go to the Faculty Section Assignments channel on the Academics tab. You will see a list of your course assignments displayed. To view your roster, click the Class List icon that appears next to the name of the course.

    Note: Your course may be divided into 2+ sections if it is taught at multiple levels (undergrad/grad) or locations, and/or if it is cross-listed.

    Moodle Users: Although rosters will always be displayed separately in Faculty Section Assignments, Moodle will automatically merge cross-listed courses.  For sections taught at multiple levels (undergrad/grad) or locations you may request a single Moodle ISU course with all your students enrolled. Please see the  General Moodle Instructor Procedures on the ITRC website. 

    Class List Icon
  2. The Summary Class List appears.

    • Click course title to see Class Schedule Listing and view catalog entry.
    • Click student name to view address, phone, and additional student information.
    • Click email class to send email to class. Note: This will work only if you have an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird installed. It will not currently work with Gmail.

      Moodle Users: You may also use Moodle to email your class.
      Starting with Fall 2010, courses are created in Moodle ISU based on information provided in the class schedule and managed by the ISU Registrar. If you are an instructor and need a course added to Moodle ISU, please see the General Moodle Instructor Procedures on the ITRC website, and contact your department course scheduler.

    • Click email icon to the right of an individual student name to send email to the student. Note: To send email to a student using Gmail, right click on icon, select "Copy Email Address" (or "Copy Shortcut" if using Internet Explorer), and then go to Gmail. Choose Compose Mail, and paste address into new message.
    • You may select from links at bottom of screen to see additional information. The Detail Class List displays class level, program, and major for all students.

    Summary Class List

Saving & Printing Your Roster as a Word Document:

You may quickly print your roster directly from your browser (using Print Preview is advised), but copying it to MS Word will allow you to enhance the formatting without much additional effort.

Note: A nicer finished product will be produced if you copy to Word from Internet Explorer instead of from Firefox.

  1. To save and print your class roster, go to the Summary Class List as shown above, and then highlight the information you want to include in your printout by selecting it with your mouse. Copy the information to your clipboard by pressing Ctrl + C or by selecting Edit > Copy from the menu bar at the top of the screen.

  2. Course Information Highlighted
  3. Open MS Word or the word processor of your choice. Open a new document and save it, naming it as you choose. Paste the contents of your clipboard into the document by pressing Ctrl + V or by selecting Edit > Paste from the menu bar at the top of the screen. All of the information you copied in step 1 above will appear. You may print your roster as it is, or you may first enhance it using the quick tips below.

  4. Email links: Notice that the email icons in the right-hand column still contain the email information for each individual student. To send email to a student if you have an email client such as Outlook of Thunderbird installed, Ctrl + Click the icon to send email. For Gmail, right click on the icon, select "Edit Hyperlink," and copy the email address. Then go to Gmail, choose Compose Mail, and paste address into a new message.

Quick Tips for Formatting

  • Remove extra columns not needed. This will give you additional room to widen the column with the names. MS Word: Select the columns to delete with your mouse, click Layout on the ribbon bar, then Delete > Delete Columns.
  • After removing extra columns, drag right border of table so that it expands to its original width.
  • Select table. MS Word: Click Layout on the ribbon bar, then AutoFit, AutoFit Contents. Most of your information should now be spread out nicely in the columns.

Sample Roster After Formatting

Roster Formatted

Saving Your Roster as a Spreadsheet:

If you wish to save your roster as a spreadsheet instead of as a word processing document, follow steps 1 and 2 above, but paste your information into MS Excel or the equivalent instead of into a word processing document. After pasting in your information, you may delete unnecessary columns and insert additional columns of your choice.