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Fall 2010 Registration

All registration for Fall 2010 classes takes place in BengalWeb!

Go to, log in, and click on the Academic Tools tab to see the Fall 2010 Class Schedule and other new features.

Click Here for Registration Instructions

Heads Up! Important Changes

  • All course numbers are now 4 digits, i.e., English 101 has become English 1101
  • Prerequisite, corequisite, and majors-only restrictions will be enforced — only the class instructor or the department chair can grant an override. Note: When contacting an instructor to request an override, you must provide your Bengal Card ID Number.

If you follow the steps below to get ready before registering, you'll be able to complete registration as speedily as possible.

Step 1: Update Emergency Contacts

Pick someone ISU can contact if you are involved in an emergency. You must update your emergency contact before registering.

Step 2: Check My Registration Information

Anything blocking your registration? Check and see. Hint: If you do have any holds, look them up with the "View Holds" link. If you have questions about your Academic Standing or Student Status, contact the Registrar's office at 282-2661.

Step 3: Search the ISU Class Schedule

Find the classes you want and write down their CRNs (new name for Index Number) or save them to your Worksheet. Hint: When searching class schedule, you MUST select at least one Subject. Tips for faster searching …