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Finance & Purchasing Channels in Bengalweb

Here you'll find complete information on using all of the many features of the Finance & Purchasing channels found in our web portal. These include:

  • Online Requisition ApprovalPuzzles?
  • Online P-Card Reconciliation
  • Detailed Lookup of Budget & Year-to-Date Expenses
  • Graphic Tracking of Selected Accounts
  • Document Lookup
  • Notification of Grant Expiration Dates
  • Quick Access to Complete Purchasing & Finance Information

Finance/Purchasing features in BengalWeb are provided to anyone with a "financial" role, including Account Directors, ReqMasters, and anyone else given lookup privileges by an Account Director.

Two tabs are provided to everyone with a financial role:

You will only be able to access information pertaining to Index Codes to which you have been granted access in Banner.

The IT The Service Desk will troubleshoot access issues. Contact them at 282-4357 (help) or email

Account Directors: If you wish to authorize additional individuals to look up information on your accounts, or if you wish to change authorizations previously given, contact the Service Desk.

If you're new to Banner Finance, check out our Introduction to Banner Finance Terms.