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A layout fragment is a predefined set of tabs and channels. The tabs and channels that you see in BengalWeb the first time you log in are a combination of one or more layout fragments that have been assigned to you based upon your campus role, your major, etc. BengalWeb may also have optional layout fragments that you can subscribe to.

To subscribe to a layout fragment, click on the "Content Layout" link found above the tabs in the upper left hand corner of BengalWeb. The Manage Content/Layout page appears.

Click the Fragments button that appears to the right of the Add Tab button.

You see the Content Selector, which lists all of the layout fragments that are available for you to subscribe to. If there are no subscribable fragments available, none will be displayed.

From the Fragments tree menu, locate the fragment that you want to subscribe to. Click the Subscribe link next to its name. If you ever need to unsubscribe from a subscribed layout fragment, repeat the steps to access the Content Selector and click the "unsubscribe" link next to the layout fragment's name.

You are returned to the last tab that you were working on before you elected to subscribe to a layout. You should now see the tabs and channels that are defined by the subscribed layout fragment added to your personal layout.