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Grants Alerts Channel

The Grants Alerts channel is provided to keep PI's (Principal Investigators, i.e., those who have been awarded a grant) aware of when their grants will expire. That is the only information this channel provides.

If you are not likely to ever be a PI, you may remove the Grants Alerts channel from your layout by clicking on the "X" in the upper right-hand corner of the channel:

Grants Alerts Channel

If you are a PI, be aware that by default the channel displays just those grants you currently have that will be expiring within the next 60 days. If you'd like to set the channel to display grants that will be expiring further in the future, edit the channel's properties by clicking on the "pencil" icon. Type in the number of days ahead to monitor for expiring grants (max is 999). Click "Apply," and then click " Back" to return to normal channel view:

An expiring grant displayed in the Grants Alerts channel

A summary of any grants you have that will expire during the designated time period is displayed.