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Joining a Group

Before you join a group, there are a couple of things you should know:

Group Homepages

To solicit membership, each listed group will have two homepages: a member view and a guest view.

  • Member View. Provides the ability to read relevant articles, access links, view photos, make submissions, and us group chat rooms, message boards, and calendars.
  • Guest View. Provides general information about the group and an option to join.

Categories of Groups

Groups fall into three categories: public, restricted, and hidden.

Public Groups. Anyone can join.

Restricted Groups. Membership is subject to certain conditions established by the Group Leader. For example, to access a group homepage for an academic or social fraternity, you might be required to be a member of that organization.

Hidden Groups. These groups are not displayed in the Groups Index (see below), and do not have a guest view page. Hidden groups are typically used to publish and discuss sensitive information that should not be available to a public or restricted group.

How to Join

Click on the Groups icon in the upper right hand corner of your BengalWeb homepage.

Groups Icon

The Groups application window is displayed:

Groups Window

Click the Groups Index tab. The Groups Index page is displayed:

Groups Index

There are two ways to find a group to join:

  1. Choose a Category. From the Category menu at the left, click a category that contains the group you want to join. A list of groups in that category will appear. For example, if you were interested in joining the ski club, you might find it within a category such as Athletic.
  2. Search for a Group. To search for a group, use the Group Search section of the screen to specify the group attributes you want to use in your search. You can search by group name, title, or description. In the Group Search text field, enter the text you want to use in your search and click the Search button. A list of groups fulfilling your search criteria will appear.

When you've found the group you wish to join, click on its name. (A green icon appearing next to the name of the group indicates that it is public. A gold icon indicates that it is restricted.) The group's guest view appears:

Guest View


To join the group, click the Join Group button. The Membership Request window appears:

Membership Request

If the group is public, you will see its membership policy. If the group is restricted, you will see additional membership criteria, and a section that you use to explain why you want to join the group.

For Membership in a Public Group. Read the membership policy, click the checkbox indicating you have read and understood it, and then click the Join button.

For Membership in a Restricted Group. Make sure you meet the additional membership criteria, read the membership policy, type in the reasons you want to join the group, click the checkbox indicating you have read and understood the policies, and click the Join button.