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Granting Registration Overrides in BengalWeb

If permitted by departmental and college policies, individual faculty members may grant overrides for prerequisites, corequisites, and other registrations restrictions online for the classes they teach. When a student attempts to register for a course and is blocked because of such a restriction, a message will be displayed on their screen. They may be advised to contact the instructor of that course if they wish to seek an override.

A report is available for department chairs showing overrides that have been granted for all courses taught in their areas. If a department chair has received appropriate training, they may choose to grant overrides for courses upon request when an instructor is not available to do so.

See examples of registration add errors (messages displayed to students)

To Grant an Override:

  1. Log in to BengalWeb. Go to the Faculty Tools channel on the Academics tab, and click "Registration Overrides."

  2. Registration Overrides
  3. Select term, and then click Submit.

  4. Select Term
  5. Student ID Selection. Enter Bengal Card number, adding leading zeros to make a TOTAL OF 9 DIGITS.

    You may enter student name instead of ID number ONLY when a student is listed as your advisee or is already registered in one of your classes.
    Otherwise, entering name instead of ID will produce an error and yield no results. If entering name, you may limit Search Type to all students registered in your classes or just students assigned to you as advisees.

    Using Wildcards: If you are not certain of the spelling of a name, you may use the percent sign (%) as a wildcard.

    Examples: To find last names beginning with Sa, enter Sa% or sa% (search is not case sensitive); to find first names starting in k and ending in n, enter k%n.

    After entering search criteria, click Submit.

  6. Student ID Selection
  7. If you entered an ID, the Student Verification screen appears. Make sure that the name corresponding to the ID you entered appears, and then click Submit.

    Student Verification

    OR— If you entered a name or partial name instead of an ID, the choice(s) for your selection appear in a drop-down list. Select the correct name, and then click Submit.

  8. Student ID Selection 2
  9. The Registration Overrides screen appears. Click the down arrow next to the Override box in the first row to see categories of overrides from which to select.

  10. Registration Override 

    Categories of Overrides

    • Corequisite Override: Allows a student into a course when they have not simultaneously enrolled in the designated corequisite course as outlined in the catalog.
    • Prerequisite Override: Allows a student into a course when their ISU academic record indicates that they have not met the prerequisite as outlined in the catalog.
    • Registration Restriction: Allows a student into a course when a course is restricted to those enrolled in a particular curriculum, i.e., program/major, and their ISU academic record indicates that they are not enrolled in that curriculum.
    • Instructor Approval: Allows a student into a course which requires instructor consent for enrollment.
    • Override Everything but Level: Allows a student into a course if they are not permitted to register because of any or all of the above-noted restrictions (provides all four overrides at once- EXCEPT for graduate and undergraduate levels).

  11. Select the category of override you wish to grant. Then, select the course for which to grant it. If additional overrides are required, select them in rows 2 and 3 (or just select Override Everything but Level to grant all overrides at once). Click Submit.

  12. Grant Overrides
  13. The following screen appears showing that the override has been granted. IMPORTANT: Even though this has been done, the student is not yet enrolled in the course; they have merely been granted permission to enroll. You should let the student know that you have granted their override(s) and that they should now go into BengalWeb and register for your course.

  14. Override Confirmation