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Table of Contents

Accessing the Student Advisor Profile
Where to go
     Access Issues
Navigating the Student Advisor Profile
     Advisee Search Screen
     Advisee Listing Screen
          Email All
          Advanced Filtering
Viewing Student Profiles through the Student Advisor Profile
     How to View a Student's Profile
     Navigating a Student's Profile

Student Advisor Profile

The Student Advisor profile provides advisors with their advisee listing, and consolidates a wealth of information about a student into a single page. If you are an advisor, you should already have access.

Where to go

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To access the Advisor Profile (See Figure 1):

  1. Login to BengalWeb using your username and password.
  2. click on the "Academics" tab/menu option.
  3. Under the "Advisor Tools" channel, click on the "Advisee - Student Profiles" link.
Figure 1


Access Issues

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If you do not see the "Advisee- Student Profiles" link in your BengalWeb Academics tab, please contact the Help Desk at (208) 282-HELP (4357)

Navigating the Student Advisor Profile

Advisee Search Screen

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The first screen displayed in the Advisore Profile is the "Advisee Search" screen (See Figure 2).

Figure 2


  1. Use the Advisee Search page to selevt the term for which you would like to search for a specific advisee to view their student profile information
         The selected term will determine which advisees you have access to, as well as what information
          will be displayed for students. If you cannot find a particular student, you may need to select a
          different term.
  2. You can search for one of your advisees individually.
         A.) Select the radio button next tot the search criteria you with to enter (Student ID, Student Email, or
               Student Name).
                   i. When searching by name, you must search using the format of Last Name, First Name.
                   ii. Once you have entered 3 characters, Banner 9 will return a list of students matching your
                   iii. You may continue to enter letters to further limit the search, or select a student from the list.
         B.) After entering the student ID or email address, press either Enter or Tab on your keyboard to initiate
               the search.
         C.) When multiple names appear, click the correct one. Once you have a student selected, click the
               "View Profile" button.
  3. To see ALL advisees that are assigned to you for the selected term click the "View My Advisee Listing" link, which will open the "Advisee Listeing Screen".

Advisee Listing Screen

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The Advisee Listing provides a list of all students with whom you have an active advising relationship for the seleted semester. You can sort, filter, and/or download the list of advisees. You can also email advisees, and access an individual student's profile from this page (see Figure 3).

  1. Navigate through all advisees using the horizontal arrow keys at the bottom of the screen. Use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom to scroll left and right and view more advisee details. Use the drop-down menu to adjust the number of student that display per page.

  2. Students who have requested confidentialityare indicated with an orange lock icon to the right of their name and ID. No information may be released to third parties about these students, including whether or not the person is a students, including whether or not the person is a student at ISU.

  3. Quickly sort advisees by clicking the arrows in the column headers. You can sort by any of the headings to group advisees according to key criteria.

  4. For more advanced filtering click the "Filter Button" in the right corner (for additional details about filtering, see Advanced Filtering)

  5. The "Email All" button allows you to send a BCC email message to advisees (for additional details about emailing, see Email All). If your advisees are filtered, only the students on the students on the filtered list will receive email.

  6. To download an Excel list of your advisees click on the Tools icon (the cog in the upper right corner, to the left of your name), then click on "Export Advisee Listing". If your advisees are filtered, this export will only include the students in the filter.
Figure 3


Email All

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To email the students in the advisee list, click on the "Email All" button (as shown with #5 Arrow in Figure 3). You will be directed to use a mail app that is linked to your ISU email.

If your n eed to email more than 100 students, please contact the IT Help Dest at (208) 282-HELP (4357) for instructions on mass-mailing.

  Note: When a filter is in use, only the sutdents on the filtered list will be included in the email list.

Advanced Filtering

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Advanced filtering allows the user to filter on specific values between one or multiple criteria (See Figure 4).

  1. Click on the "Filter" button. This will expand the Filter Records options.

  2. The first field allows the user to select what criteria on which to filter.

  3. The second field allows the user to determine the commmand of the value.

  4. the third field allows the user to enter a specific value.

  5. Use "Add Another Column" to add multiple criteria to your filter.

  6. To delete criteria, press the minus symbol on the far right of the line you would like removed.

  7. To apply the filter(s), click the "Go" button.

  8. To return to your full advisee list, click the "Remove Filter" button.

Figure 4


Navigating the Student Advisor Profile

The Student Profile contains a wealth of information about a student on a single page (See Figure 5). Students also have access to their own profile through BengalWeb.

Information available on the Student Profile includes:

  • Student name and ID
  • Basic biographic and demographic information (email, phone, date of birth)
  • General information about the student (level, classification, student status, residency)
  • Academic advisor details
  • Curriculum details
  • Class schedule (the "Registered Courses" list only includeds active registrations)
  • Prior education details (including institutions attended and degrees earned) and test scores
  • Academic Standing
  • Overall earned hours and GPA
  • Registration Notices (displays information about items that could impact a student's ability to register for courses)
  • Holds (includes a detailed description of any holds on the student's account)
Figure 5


How to View a Student's Profile

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There are two ways to access a student's profile (See Figure 6):

  1. From the Advisee Search Screen use the "search by" feature to find a student and click the "View Profile" button.
  2. From the Advisee LIsting Screen select the "View Profile" link underneath the student's name and ID number in the first column.
Figure 6


Navigating a Student's Profile

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Before analyzing a student's information, ensure the correct term is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. The term information being displayed is for the term you selected on the Advisee Search Screen.

Below are the descriptions for the numbers and leters outlined in the pictures below:

  1. Curriculum and Courses- Displays curriculum information and register cfourses for the selected term (See Figure 7)
         A.) Primary Tab
         B.) Secondary Tab
         C.) Hours and GPA
    Figure 7


  2. Prior Education and Testing- Displays student's historical information (See Figure 8)
         A.) Secondary Education
         B.) Post-Secondary Education
         C.) Testing and Scores
    Figure 8


  3. Academic Transcript- Links to unofficial web transcript (See Figure 9)
  4. Student Schedule- Links to student's concise schedule for selected term
  5. Week at a Glance- Links to student's week at a glance schedule for the selected term.
    Figure 9


  6. Student Information- Displays general information about student and their academic criteria
    (See Figure 10)
    Figure 10


  7. Registration Notices- Displays Avademic Standing, Student Status, and Enrollment Status in effect during the selected term (See Figure 11)
  8. Holds- Displays any holds associated with the student for the selected term.
    Figure 11