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Student Information Menu

Look up information about a selected student. Most information available only to student's advisor(s) or current instructors.

Student Information Menu

  1. Log in to BengalWeb, and go to the Faculty Tools channel on the Academics tab. Click Student Information Menu.

  2. The Student Information screen appears. (Note: This is the same screen you will see if you go to the Faculty Tools channel, click Faculty & Advisors Menu, and then click Student Information under the "Faculty or Advisor" column.)

    Student Information
  3. Begin looking up information by clicking Select an ID.

    OR click one of the links below Select an ID to see specific information pertaining to the last student whose information you were viewing. Click Select a Term if you need to change terms when viewing term-specific information such as student schedule. Note: Advisee Listing brings up a list of all your advisees. This link is the only one in the menu not tied to a single student.

  4. Student ID Selection. Enter Bengal Card number, adding leading zeros to make a TOTAL OF 9 DIGITS. 

    You may enter student name instead of ID number ONLY  when a student is listed as your advisee or is already registered in one of your classes.
     Otherwise, entering name instead of ID will produce an error and yield no results. If entering name, you may limit Search Type to all students registered in your classes or just students assigned to you as advisees. 

    Using Wildcards: If you are not certain of the spelling of a name, you may use the percent sign (%) as a wildcard. 

    Examples: To find last names beginning with Sa, enter Sa% or sa% (search is not case sensitive); to find first names starting in k and ending in n, enter k%n.

    After entering search criteria, click Submit.

  5. If you entered an ID, the Student Verification screen appears. Make sure that the name corresponding to the ID you entered appears, and then click  Submit

    OR— If you entered a name or partial name instead of an ID, the choice(s) for your selection appear in a drop-down list. Select the correct name, and then click Submit.

  6. You are returned to the Student Information screen. You may choose from the following:

    • Advisee Listing. Brings up a list of all your advisees. This is the only selection not tied to a single student.
    • General Student Information. Includes registration status, residency, student type, class, advisor, and curriculum. Links to Student Schedule, Addresses and Phones, and Email Addresses are also provided.
    • Student Address and Phones.
    • Student Email Address.
    • Student Schedule. Detailed schedule for selected term.
    • Academic Transcript. Select Transcript Level andTranscript Type, and then click Display Transcript.
    • Concise Student Schedule. Brief schedule for selected term.
    • Student Week at a Glance.
    • Active Registration. Classes not yet considered complete for transcript purposes.
    • Registration History. Includes waitlisted classes (which do NOT appear on student schedule).
    • Registration Holds.
    • Registration Overrides.   Learn how to grant overrides for your classes …
    • View Test Scores.