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Electronic W-2 Consent

Sign Up to Receive Your W2 Forms Electronically

Here's how:

  1. Log in to BengalWeb.
  2. Click on the Employees tab.
  3. Go to the Personal Information channel or the Employment Details channel, and click on any link in either channel (except for "Employee Directory"). Several tabs appear near the top of the screen. Click on the Employee Information tab.

  4. Self-Service Banner Tabs


  5. The Employee menu appears. Click on Tax Forms.
  6. Employee Menu


  7. The Tax Forms menu appears. Click on Electronic W-2 Consent.
  8. Electronic W2 Consent


  9. Review the consent statement. Check the box labelled My Choice to receive your W-2's electronically, and then click Submit. Note: You will not receive a confirmation message, but when you click Submit, your choice is recorded.
  10. Check My choice


  11. You are now set up to receive your W-2's electronically. A paper copy will not be sent to you. However, an announcement will be made to all employees as soon as the forms become available. They will be available no later than January 31.

    At that time, you'll be able to go into BengalWeb and view your W-2. You'll also be able to save the information to an electronic file so that it will be available to you outside of BengalWeb, and print it if necessary.

    Note: Once you've chosen to receive your W-2's electronically, you will not be sent a paper W-2 during any future year unless you re-open the Electronic W-2 Consent form, uncheck the "My Choice" checkbox, and resubmit the form.

Check out this video for a W2 instruction walk-through

**Click Full Screen for better resolution**

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