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HR/Payroll, Approving Time as a Proxy

How to Approve Time as a Proxy

Log on to BengalWeb and click on the Employees tab. Click on the link to your own time sheet in the Time Reporting channel.

Time Sheet Link

Your time sheet opens. Click on the orange Employee tab at the top.

Employee Link

The Employee options screen appears. Click on the Time Sheet link at the top of the list.

Time Sheet Link

The Time Reporting Selection screen appears. Choose Approve or Acknowledge Time.

Approve or Acknowledge Time

Next, click the down arrow in the box next to Act as Proxy. You will see a list of any approvers who have activated you as their proxy. Select the approver you wish to act as proxy for, then click Select.

Time Reporting Selection

The Approver Selection screen appears.

If you are set up to approve time for more than one department, select the department you wish to approve time for from the Department and Description list.

Next, select the correct pay period by clicking on the drop down arrow beside the list of dates to the right of the department.

Finally, choose the Sort Order (the order in which you want to view the employees), then click Select.

Approver Selection

After you click Select, the Department Summary screen will appear, and you will be ready to approve time. Follow the instructions provided in the Quick Steps for Time Approval. If you are new to time approvals and need a more thorough orientation, first go through the Practice for Time Approvers interactive video tutorial.