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HR/Payroll Reports

Available to everyone with T-Org security

Current Employee List with Active Positions
Lists current employees based on Timesheet Organization or Department Time Entry lists. 

- Current Employee by Timesheet Organization View

Earnings Audit Report
Shows all active employees within a Timesheet Organization, including title, hourly rate, last time paid, etc.  Different report choices have same information organized different ways—by account or by employee—as well as versions with more detail or with summary level information.

- Detail by Account View
- Detail by Timesheet Organization, Account, & Employee View
- Summary by Timesheet Organization, Account, & Employee View

Leave Balance Report
Provides a list of employees and how much leave they have, including vacation, sick, comp time, etc.

- Leave Balance by Timesheet Organization View

Detail Payroll
Provides a list of monthly payroll transactions organized by Index, sorted by type and including personnel names.  Different versions contain same information sorted different ways:  by transaction date, account codes, employee, etc.

- Detail by Transaction Date View
- Detail by Transaction Date with Totals by Account Code View
- Detail Totals by Employee, Pay Period, and Pay Type View