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Student Campus Wide Reports

Application Statistics Available to everyone      
Shows application numbers by college, program, department, and degree.  Different versions contain same data sorted different ways.

- Applications Statistics View
- Application Statistics by College View
- Application Statistics by College & Major View
- Application Statistics by College & Program View

Class List — Available to Deans and Chairs
Lists all students enrolled in a class, including ISU ID#, major, class level, credits, course grades (mid-term and final), gender, ethnicity, veteran status, and email info.  An excellent report for faculty use.

- Class List by Course View
- Class List by Instructor View

Class Schedule — Available to everyone      
A user-friendly class schedule.  Print out just your department’s classes or all classes on campus.  Shows CRN, Section, Title, Time, Days, Credits, Instructor, Limit, Location, Fee, Full or partial term, and class/lab/distance/web course code.

- Class Schedule View

Enrolled Student Name and EmailAvailable to Deans and Chairs
Provides names and email information for students.  Choose college, degree, major, minor, class level and student type.   

- Enrolled Student Name and Email View

Graduation ReportsAvailable to Deans and Chairs
Alphabetically lists all students graduating by term, including program, major, concentration, and minor.  Report can be pulled by college, honors status, name, student level, or international status.

- Graduation Report by College View
- Graduation Report by Honors View
- Graduation Report by Name View
- Graduation Report by Student Level View
- Graduation Report for International Students View

Graduation Statistics Available to everyone
Provides unduplicated counts for graduates with data on gender and ethnicity.  Can be pulled by term, college, program, major, minor, or student level.

- Graduation Statistics by College View
- Graduation Statistics by College and Major View
- Graduation Statistics by College, Program, and Major View
- Graduation Statistics by College, Program, Major, and Minor View
- Graduation Statistics by Student Level View

Majors and Minors Available to everyone
Provides unduplicated counts of # of students in each major/minor.  Also includes class standing, gender, and full or part time status.   Can be pulled by term, college, program, major, or minor. 

- Major Statistics by College View
- Major Statistics by College and Program View
- Minor Statistics by College, Program, Major, and Minor View

Pre-Requisite Overrides — Available to Deans, Chairs, and University Business Officers
Provides a list of which students have received overrides for which classes, filtered and organized by college, department, course number.  Shows student name and ID, class, type of override, and instructor name.

- Pre-Requisite Overrides View

Registration StatisticsAvailable to everyone
Shows how many students are registered, by class level, with columns showing numbers of new, transfer, former, and continuing students, male and female, specialty degrees, and full or part time status.  Information available undifferentiated, by college, or by college and major.

- Registration Statistics View
- Registration Statistics by College View
- Registration Statistics by College and Major View
- Registration Statistics by College, Program, & Major View

Registration Status — Available to Deans, Chairs, and UBOs
Shows how many students are registered or on waitlists for individual classes.  Can be organized by course, instructor, course (by meeting time), or course (by waitlist).  A final option allows filtering courses by % full.

- Registration Status by Course View
- Registration Status by Course w/Meeting Time View
- Registration Status by Course w/Waitlist View
- Registration Status by Course with Percent Full View
- Registration Status by Instructor View

Student Grades — Available to Deans, Chairs
Provides  grade info on all students, including name, ID, Course info, grades, GPA credits, and cumulative data.  Select list of students by term, college, program, degree, major, level and/or campus. 

- Grade Report by Student View

Class Schedule by ISU Id Available to Deans, Chairs
The class schedule for one student, pulled by semester.  Lists course, title, time, credits, and grades for each class.

- Class Schedule by ISU ID Number View

Enrolled Student General Information Available for Deans, Chairs
Provides detailed information about one student, pulled by semester, using ISU ID.  Includes personal, address, enrollment, and program information. 

- Enrolled Student General Information

By Request Only

The following reports have been developed for internal office use.  Access is available by request only, and only for documented business purposes. Please have a specific work related need in mind before you request access to these reports. You can see what type of information a report provides by clicking on the form name in the “What reports are available?” link in the Argos channel.  Contact Dane Bohman in Finance (x3533) or Katie Link in the Registrar’s Office (x2878) to discuss access needs. 

General Finance Office
Students Using Employee or Spouse Discount Available by request only.
Select semester; then this lists all students taking classes using an employee or spouse discount, with info on the classes taken and registration status, arranged in numerical order by ISU ID.

Registration and Records Office
Veteran Available by request only
Choose semester, veteran code, college, student level, and mid-term or final grade as parameters in this report listing veteran students alphabetically, with or without address and contact information.  Can also input ID and pull info on just one record. 

- Veteran by Vet Code View

Student Campus Wide Reports
Test Scores — Available by request only   
Retrieves test scores of one student, all test scores for all students, or all scores on a particular exam for all students.  Must have Banner student ID (Spriden ID) to access only one student record.  Caution:  pulling all student scores for all tests produces a 12,000+ page report.

- Test Score Information by Name and ID View

Early College — Available by request only
Shows data on early college program, either by unduplicated count of students enrolled by campus, or list of students names arranged by school, then class, and including ID #. 

- Early College Registration by HS Campus & Location View

Enrolled Minorities Available by request only
Select  ethnicity, college, degree, major, class level, and student type.  Report then shows names, emails, and addresses of selected groups in csv format for exportation to Excel.

- Enrolled Minorities View

Enrolled Student Information by GPA Available by request only
Provides names and addresses of students selected by GPA (3.0 and above), college, degree major, minor, class level, and student type OR names and emails, college, major, and cumulative GPA.

- Enrolled Student Information by GPA

Grade Distribution Available by request only
Shows distribution of grades selected by course, college, subject, or campus.  Course report also shows instructor, course # and title, and campus and calculates data of A to F relationships in each class. College, Subject, and University totals contain no specific data by instructor, campus, course, etc.—just totals.

- Grade Distribution by Course View