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The ePrint system is a repository for reports produced in Banner or other systems. This system is completely separate from the Argos reporting system. Argos pulls data directly from Banner on a particular topic, while ePrint merely displays data that has been previously generated by another process. An an example of the use of ePrint is to view your monthly charges from the Copy Center. These charges are collected and processed in another system and loaded into Banner. ePrint is the system you can use now to view those monthly charges. It replaces the monthly mailing of paper bills from the Copy Center.

Access is gained through the ePrint channel in BengalWeb. This channel must be in a tab without any other channels, in order for the reports to be formatted properly for viewing. The links below provide instructions for how to add this channel and view reports.

ePrint Setup Video
ePrint Quick Guide

When you click on the ePrint link in the channel, you will be directed into ePrint. Reports there are divided into repositories, according to their subject. The only repository at this time is Finance. ePrint automatically knows who you are, and will only display information for accounts that you have been authorized to see.