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Sample Time Sheet Entries & Earnings Codes

Classified Exempt

Sample Time Sheet Entries

Examples assume a work schedule of full-time — 8 hours per day, 5 days a week.

1. No Leave Taken During Pay Period

Example: You have no exceptions to your normal time to report, and so you enter "No Exceptions." A single entry in the "No Exceptions" line applies to both weeks.

2. Some Leave Taken

Example: You were out sick on Tuesday of the first week and took vacation on Friday of the same week.

3. Worked Extra Accrue Comp Time

Example: You were required to work one extra hour on Wednesday and this will accrue comp time leave. Note: Enter only the extra hours you work. The system knows that you normally work 8 hours, and so you only enter the exceptions to your normal time.

4. Took Sick Leave and Also Worked Extra Hours

Example: You were out sick ALL DAY (8 hours) on Tuesday, and then you worked 2 extra hours on Thursday and 2 extra hours on Friday because you were busy and you wanted to catch up. At the end of the week you have 36 hours worked and 8 hours sick. However, because the combination of leave hours reported and hours worked in one week can not exceed 40 hours (and in this case the total would have been 44), you have reduced your sick leave hours to 4 and have not reported any extra hours.

5. Last Pay Period in December, Dec. 25 & 26 Not Worked


  • Thursday (12/25) of week two of the pay period is a Holiday. You do not report anything under 12/25 because the system knows which days are holidays, and so no holiday hours entry is required.
  • You do not work on Friday 12/26, and so you take Comp Time for that day.*

* This example is specific to the December 14-28, 2008 bi-weekly pay period. Classified Exempt Staff accrue comp time at 1.0 for working on Columbus Day and Veterans Day. These accrued hours can be used on two of the three comp time days identified on the ISU Holiday Schedule (the day after Thanksgiving, the day after Christmas, and the day after New Year's). If you do not have enough comp time hours or vacation hours accrued to cover those taken, you should enter comp time hours of 8 and the system will adjust your pay accordingly by taking vacation after all comp time is exhausted.

6. Last Pay Period in December if You Work Dec. 25 and/ or 26

Warning: Work performed on Dec. 25 and/or 26 requires prior vice presidential approval.


  • You have obtained vice presidential approval, and you work on Dec. 25. Hours are reported as Holiday Worked Comp time 1.0.
  • You have obtained vice presidential approval, and you work on Dec. 26. Since the 26th is a regular work day, no hours are entered.

Earnings Categories for Classified Exempt

No Exceptions: This earning code is used only when there is no leave or overtime/comp time related hours of any type recorded during both weeks of the bi-weekly pay period. This is your certification that you have not used any leave during the pay period nor worked additional hours that need to be recorded. To use the code, select any one day in the pay period, enter one (1) hour, save, and then submit your time sheet.

Categories of Leave

  • Sick Leave: Used when you are sick, at a medical appointment, or caring for an eligible family member who is ill. This code is also used for reporting time used for bereavement leave for a death in the family as defined in the Faculty/Staff handbook.
  • Vacation Leave: Used for time off work for vacation, personal business, or funeral leave for non-qualifying family members. It can be used for sick leave purposes as well.
  • Military Leave Taken: Used for time off for military leave as defined in the Faculty/Staff handbook.
  • Jury Duty: Used for time serving as a juror. Court documentation is required.
  • Leave Without Pay: Available on time sheet only during the pay period that includes the holiday closure in December. For all other times, an employee choosing to use leave without pay must submit a written request using a Personnel Requisition (PR), which can be obtained from your department office or from Human Resources.

Categories of Comp Time and Overtime

  • Comp Time Taken: This can be used for any sick or vacation-related leave.
  • Comp Time Accrued 1.0: Used when overtime hours worked are to be accrued into a leave balance for later use.
  • Holiday Worked Comp Time 1.0: Used to accrue hours worked on a holiday at straight time.