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My Financial Aid — Accept Financial Aid Awards

To Accept Financial Aid Awards

  1. Log in to BengalWeb
  2. Go to $ Student Finances link (left).
  3. Find My Financial Aid portlet (center).
  4. Click on Accept Financial Aid Awards link.

The Aid Year screen appears. The current aid year is selected by default. Click Submit to check award. (To check award for a previous year, or if no year is selected, first click the down arrow to Select Aid Year, and then click Submit.)

There are five tabs in the award package: 1. General Information, 2. Award Overview, 3. Resources/Additional Information, 4. Terms and Conditions, and 5. Accept Award Offer.

1. General Information
The first time the award is accessed, the General Information tab is displayed. Read the instructions carefully, and then click on the other four tabs in sequence to review award and complete online acceptance. Awards will not be disbursed if acceptance is not completed.

2. Award Overview
Click to see a summary of the award package.

3. Resources/Additional Information
The award recipient must answer the Financial Aid Authorization questions on this tab and then click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the screen to proceed. Financial aid awards are automatically applied to tuition, fees, room and board, and other educationally related charges. However, students must indicate whether or not they authorize ISU to use federal student aid funds to pay any other outstanding current or prior year university charges. In addition, any additional resources not already reported must be reported here.


4. Terms and Conditions
After answering the Financial Aid Authorization questions on the Resources/Additional Information tab, students must then read and accept the Terms and Conditions of their awards.

5. Accept Award Offer
Finally, click the Accept Award Offer tab. Follow the instructions on the screen to accept the full award amount, decline or accept individual funds, or accept partial amounts.

If the Undecided option is selected for an individual fund, the student can return to the Accept Award Offer tab at a later date to make a final decision.

Accept Award Offer

Unsatisfied Disbursement Requirements

Caution: Funds will not be paid unless all disbursement requirements have been completed. If any outstanding requirements appear in a list at the bottom of the Accept Award Offer tab, click the links to find out how to satisfy them.

6. Apply Financial Aid to ISU fees
Once the student has accepted their financial aid online, their aid is automatically applied to their outstanding fees.

Students should go to How can I see if my Financial Aid has been applied to my fees? to verify that their Financial Aid has been applied to their fees.

Note: Click the links at the bottom of the screen to toggle between Financial Aid Awards and other Financial Aid Information.