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INB (Internet Native Banner)

INB is the full-featured version of Banner, the software that powers our administrative computing system. Access is restricted to those who require it for the performance of their jobs.

Instructions for INB users and access to the Banner Sandbox are now available on BengalWeb. Click on the "How Do I . . ." tab, and go to the Tigeri Training channel.

Instructions include: Department Time Entry, FUPLOAD, ReqMasters, Welcome to Banner.

Important message for all INB users:

Due to increasing security concerns, it is critical that all INB users update Java to the newest version (version 6, Update 24) as soon as possible.

As many of you may remember, we previously recommended that you not install new versions of Java due to conflicts with our version of Banner.

Those issues have been resolved, but INB users with the newest updates for Java will now be prompted with the following message when starting Banner:

"Block potentially unsafe components from being run (recommended)"

Even though it seems counterintuitive, answer NO to this question when prompted. If you answer YES, the navigation buttons along the top of the INB window may disappear, and other tools on the screen may be displayed in a strange way.

If you accidentally click "YES", please shut down Banner and start it again. Doing so will prompt you again so you may answer NO.

For ALL OTHER APPLICATIONS, if you are prompted with this or a similar message, it is advised that you click YES in the interest of security.

How do I update Java?

There are 2 methods for updating Java:

Method 1: Java Update Utility
1) Right click on the Java Update icon in the lower right hand corner of your desktop (it looks like an orange square with a white cup of coffee in it, near the clock)
2) Click "Install"
3) In the window that appears, click "Install"
4) Click "Install >"
5) Uncheck the box that reads "Include FREE McAfee Security Scan Plus and check my security status"
6) Click "Next >"
7) Click "Close" when the installation completes

Method 2: Manually install Java

1) Remove old versions of Java by following Oracle's instructions found here
2) Download Java 6: Update 24 from Oracle's web-site here and save it to your desktop
3) Print these instructions and then close all applications including your internet browser
4) Double-click on the saved file to start the installation process. If prompted by windows asking if you would like to "Run" or "Continue" please do so
5) The installation process starts. Click the Install button to accept the license terms and to continue with the installation
6) Uncheck the box that reads "Install the Yahoo! Toolbar" and click the Next button
7) When the installation is complete, click Close

Keeping Java up to date

Now that Java is up to date, you should begin seeing the Java Updater icon by your system clock (in the lower right hand corner of your desktop). When you see the Java Updater (it looks like an orange square with a white cup of coffee in it), follow the directions under Method 1 above to update Java.

If you have questions or if the above instructions do not work for you, please contact the IT Service Desk at 208-282-HELP (4357) for assistance.