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The P-Card system at Idaho State University is provided through a statewide contract with Bank of America, using their online Works P-Card system.  Key features of this system include:

  • Simple interface with easy to use features
  • Automated notification process that results in suspension of the card if transactions are not reconciled and approved in a timely fashion
  • Approved transactions are downloaded weekly into Banner

All employees who wish to use a P-Card or who approve the P-Card purchases of others must complete an online training course before they can use their P-Card or approve purchases (see instructions below).

Once an employee has completed the online training, he or she should contact Purchasing (x3111) and arrange to pick up their new P-Card.  P-Card employees will then receive an automated message for Bank of America welcoming you to the Works system.  This welcome message will contain a one-time link for you to access the Works system, with instructions for logging in and setting up your password.  This link will only be valid for 60 days. 

Mandatory Online Training

Online training for the ISU P-Card system is provided through Moodle.  This training is broken into 9 small sections, each requiring 5-15 minutes to complete.  You must complete the quiz at the end of each section before you can move to the next section.  You can take the training all at once or work on it a section at a time. 

To access the training, login to BengalWeb and click on the Moodle icon along the upper edge of the right side of your screen, or click on the following link to take you to the Moodle login page Moodle Login Page   (You will need to login using your BengalWeb username and password). You will need to add the Works PCard course to your list of courses that appears on the main Moodle page.  After your initial enrollment, this P-Card class will automatically show up on the main Moodle page when you login.  You can add the course two ways:

  • At the bottom of the main Moodle page, there should be a Search courses box.  Type in “pcard” and click Go, and the Works PCard Training course will appear.  Click on the link and type in the course password:  “worksISU”. 
  • You can also find the course by clicking on the All courses link in the My Courses box on the right.  Then click on Miscellaneous and go to the last page of the list to find the Works PCard Training link. Click on the link and type in the course password:  “worksISU”.

If you have any difficulty finding the course or navigating in Moodle, please call the IT Service Desk (x4357) who can help you get started. 

Be sure to read the headings of each section of the training, since they contain specific information that applies P-Card use at ISU, along with instructions for using the quiz.  You must correctly answer all the questions in each of the 9 sections before you can get a P-Card.  If you miss a question or two on any of the quizzes, you will need to retake the quiz before you can move on to the next section.  

If You Need Help

Call Purchasing if you have questions about P-Cards and how they are used at ISU (x3111)
Call the Service Desk if you need assistance accessing or using Moodle (x4357)

Helpful Handouts and Links

We have assembled here handouts and links that you can use and access to assist you with the P-Card system at ISU. 

P-Card Process Flow Chart   and   P-Card Process Video
This handout and video shows how a P-Card purchase works its way through reconciling and approving before being loaded into our Banner system.

P-Card Notification Flow Chart   and   P-Card Notification Video
This chart shows how the automatic notification system works, including what will happen if a purchase is not reconciled and approved in a timely manner.

Reconciling Quick Guide
This Quick Guide, in pdf format, is designed for you to have by your side as you get used to reconciling purchases in the Bank of America Works system.  It outlines step-by-step what you need to do to correctly reconcile a P-Card purchase.