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All registration for classes takes place in BengalWeb!

Go to, log in, and click on the Academic Tools tab to see the current class schedule and new features.

Registration Instructions

Click here for Registration QuickGuide for printing (.pdf)

Search the ISU Class Schedule
Add or Drop Classes by CRN (Register or Withdraw)
Add by Searching the Class List
After Adding, Check Carefully!
Common Registration Add Errors (asking for overrides)
Common Hold Codes
Changing Credits for a Variable Credit Course
Review Your Schedule
Fee Payment

Search the ISU Class Schedule

Find the classes you want and write down their CRNs (new name for Index Number) or save them to your Worksheet. Search the ISU Class Schedule...

Hint: When searching class schedule, you MUST select at least one Subject. Tips for faster searching…

Don't Forget

  • Course Registration Numbers (CRNs) are the new Index numbers.
  • All course numbers are now 4 digits, i.e., English 101 has become English 1101
  • Prerequisite, corequisite, majors-only & instructor permission registration restrictions enforced — only the class instructor or the department chair can grant an override. Note: When contacting an instructor to request an override, you must provide your Bengal Card ID Number.

Add or Drop Classes by CRN (Register or Withdraw)

  • Go to BengalWeb (, log in, and click on Academic Tools.
  • In the Registration Tools channel, click Add or Drop Classes.

  • Add Drop Classes

    Update Emergency Contacts (if you didn’t before), and then Select a Term. Click Submit. The Add or Drop Classes screen opens.

  • To Add Classes. Scroll down to the Add Classes Worksheet. Enter CRNs for courses to add in the blank boxes, and then click Submit Changes.

  • Add Classes Worksheet
  • OR click Class Search, and then follow instructions for Add by Searching the Class List below.
  • To Drop Classes. If you are already registered for classes, you will see your Current Schedule at the top of the screen. Click the down arrow under Action next to the class to drop. Select the option you want, scroll down, and click Submit Changes.

  • Drop a Class

Add by Searching the Class List

  • You must choose at least one subject. To select multiple subjects, hold down Ctrl key, and click each additional subject to search. Choose other options to narrow your search if desired. Click here to see additional search tips.
  • Click Class Search.
  • Find desired class. Click on Select checkbox next to class.
  • Click Register to register for the class at once. Or click Add to Worksheet, and then search for more classes. Click Submit Changes to register for all classes saved on the worksheet.

After Adding Classes, Check Carefully:

  • Classes added successfully are listed under Current Schedule.
  • Classes not added successfully are listed under Registration Add Errors (look at errors closely to find out what problems you may have to address).

  • Check Carefully

Common Registration Add Errors

If the message indicates that you should do so, contact the section instructor if you believe you should be granted an override (or call the department if the instructor is not available). Provide your Bengal ID and the course CRN. If granted an override, you must then go back into BengalWeb and register.

Prerequisite required: Must take another class first — or have a high test score. If you think you qualify to take the class anyway, contact the instructor or the department chair to ask for an override. If granted, you can then register for the class.

Corequisite required: Must also take another class at the same time, such as a Biology class which has a corequisite lab. You must enter both numbers in the worksheet at the same time to register for these classes together. Contact the instructor or department chair if you think you need an override for this restriction. If granted, you can then register for the class.

Major restriction: Only students majoring in the field can take the class. If you are not a major, contact the instructor or department chair to ask for an override. If granted, you can then register for the class.

Instructor permission: Need special permission to register for the class. Contact the instructor or department chair to get the permission and an override. If granted, you can then register for the class.

Maximum hours exceeded: Most undergraduate students are only allowed to register for 18 credits. To register for more, you must get permission from the dean. Note: Not recommended your first semester at ISU.

Class level restriction: Some classes are open only to students at certain levels, i.e., juniors or seniors. If you want to take the class, contact the department for permission, or wait until you are at the correct class level. Note: Must be admitted to Graduate School to take 5000-8000 level courses.

Common Hold Codes

The table below explains the various hold codes that students may see in "View Holds" in BengalWeb. Please takes special note that some hold codes are informational only (e.g., ER eRefund Enrollee - merely denotes that the student has enrolled in eRefund).


Closed classes usually offer waitlists.

All waitlists are now handled in BengalWeb, not by department.

If a course is closed, a “C” is displayed in the Select column instead of a checkbox. Copy the CRN, enter it in the worksheet, and then click Submit Changes. The course appears under Registration Add Errors below Current Schedule.

  1. Click the down arrow under Action next to the course, and choose Add to Waitlist. Click Submit Changes.
  2. Add to Waitlist

  3. Class is added to your Current Schedule with Add to Waitlist as status.
  4. Waitlisted

  5. If an opening occurs, an email is sent to your ISU email address. You have 24 hours to add the class. To add a waitlisted class, see instructions below.
  6. If you no longer want to be on a waitlist, please follow instructions above to DROP THE CLASS to remove your name.
  7. To see a list of waitlisted classes, click on the My Registration History link in the Registration Tools channel on the Academic Tools tab.

Things to know about waitlists:

  • It is first come first serve (not by class level).
  • See your position on the waitlist on the detailed class schedule in BengalWeb, Academic Tools Tab.

Adding a Waitlisted Class

  1. When you receive an email at your ISU email address telling you there is an opening in a class you have been waitlisted for, you have 24 hours to go into BengalWeb and add that class. 
  2. Go to the Academic Tools tab and click on Add or Drop Classes in the Registration Tools channel.
  3. Select the term you are registering for, then click Submit.
  4. Your current schedule will appear. The class you are waitlisted for will show **Add to Waitlist** under the Status heading.
  5. Click on the drop down arrow under the Action heading and highlight the Web Registered option.

  6. Click on Submit Changes at the bottom of the page to register for this class. The Status will change to Web Registered.

Additional Information
If you are on the waitlist for a different section of a class you are already registered for, you must drop the other section before you can add the new section.  You can do both actions at the same time by highlighting Web Drop under the Action heading for the class you wish to drop, then highlight Web Registered for the waitlisted class you wish to add.  Click on Submit Changes to finalize.

Changing Credits for a Variable credit Course

For classes that offer variable credits, go ahead and register for the class as usual. After you add the class, however, look at the class as it is listed on the Add or Drop Classes page. You will see the class and, under the Cred heading, you will see that the number 1.000 is blue, meaning it is a link. Click on that link and the Change Class Options page will appear.

In the Credit Hours box, change the credits listed (1.000) to the credits you want for the course. Then click Submit Changes (bottom left). The credits you entered have been saved to your schedule.

To exit the Change Class Options page, click on the Add or Drop Classes link at bottom of the page and you will see the change.  Your class list should show this class listed with the credits you selected. 

Review Your Schedule

After you have finished registering, review your schedule to make sure you are registered for the correct classes.

  1. If you are still in the Add or Drop Classes screen, click the Back to Academic Tools Tab link in the upper left corner of BengalWeb to return to the Academic Tools tab.
  2. Click the My Concise Schedule link in the Registration Tools channel to see your schedule. Check to make sure that your classes are on the right campus, there are no time conflicts, etc.
  3. To print a copy of your schedule, click File > Print in the upper left corner of the screen, and then click OK. To see a more detailed schedule (including a link to email instructor), click Student Detail Schedule at the bottom of the screen.