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Travel and Expense System

The Banner Travel and Expense system manages both travel authorization and travel reimbursement requests. Roles in the system include:

  • Delegates, who are responsible for entering data into the system for travelers
  • Travelers, who must verify and approve all data that has been entered for their travel
  • Approvers, who must approve all travel requests and expense reports. All approvals are routed to approvers through an electronic Workflow system. Approvers are notified of pending approvals via email and in BengalWeb.

For more information on how the system works, please view the Travel Overview Video.

Initial Setup of the Travel and Expense System

Before you can use the Travel and Expense system, you must complete the setup process, or the system will not work properly. Please read the Travel and Expense System Setup Guide for detailed instructions on how to setup the system for use.

Instructions for Using the Travel and Expense System

User's Guides have been developed to assist you in using the system. Please consult the appropriate User's Guide for your role for detailed instructions for how to use the Travel and Expense system after you have completed setting it up.

To get an overview of how requests are processed through the system, view the Travel Request or Expense Report flow charts.

Before contacting your Delegate to prepare a travel request or an expense report, please complete the appropriate form below. Give your delegate the completed form so he/she will have all the information needed to process your travel request or expense report.

Special Notes for the Travel and Expense System

  • Special Characters: When adding comments please limit the punctuation to periods and commas.  Other forms of punctuation can cause errors in Workflow.
  • Internet Explorer: Because of the way Internet Explorer keeps track of sessions, the Travel and Expense system does not work reliably in that browser. We recommend that you use another browser such as Firefox or Chrome.
  • iPad: The Travel and Expense system requires the use of Flash. As a result, it cannot be accessed from an iPad.
  • Off-Campus Approvals: If you must approve travel authorizations or expense reports from off-campus, you will need to use VPN software. Please contact the ITS Service Desk (208-282-4357 or for assistance in setting this up.