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View Fees

There are two ways to view your fees: My Account or Account Summary. Follow the instructions below to view your fees.

View fees using My Account:

  1. Log in to BengalWeb
  2. Go to the $ Student Finances link (left)
  3. Find the My Account portlet; your total fees are show here
  4. Click on the semester link for detailed fee information.

student finances

My Account breaks out your account balance by the term when you acquired the charges.   Click on a term to see the outstanding charges for that term.   

Note:  all payments are applied to the oldest outstanding charges first.  You may choose to have a small percent of your financial aid applied to your balance from a previous term; contact Financial Aid for more information.

If you believe you have financial aid and it does not show up here, contact the Financial Aid department.  You can see your financial aid information by clicking on the links in the two Financial Aid portlet in the middle of this page: Financial Aid Requirements and My Financial Aid

View fees using Account Summary:

  1. Log in to BengalWeb
  2. Go to the $ Student Finances link (left).
  3. Find the Online Fee Payment portlet
  4. Click on the Account Summary to see a summary view of your current bill—both current and outstanding charges


Please note: The Account Summary view also has a link directly to our TouchNet System so you can pay your fees online. If you have questions or concerns about your account, please call (208) 282-3000 so that our customer service personnel can assist you.