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Creating a Group

Through BengalWeb's Groups application you can request the creation of an online group to interact with individuals who share hobbies, courses of study, assignments, club or work group affiliation, or other common interests.

Once your request is approved by the Groups administrator, you will be able to instantly create your online group and its homepage with easy-to-use tools provided by the Groups application. Groups may be public or private, with open membership or membership only by approval of the group leader.


How to Request a Group

To request a new group, click on the Groups icon in the upper right hand corner of your BengalWeb homepage.

Groups Icon


The Groups application window is displayed:

Group Window


Click on the "Request Group" link or the Request Group tab. The Request New Group page is displayed:

Request New Group


Fill in the required information.

  1. Group Name. In the Group Name field, enter the name of the group as you want it to appear in the Groups Index.
  2. Group Title. In the Group Title field, enter a title for the group. The title will appear next to the group name in the Groups Index. (Example: If the name of the group is "Phi Beta Kappa," the title might be "National Honor Society." The title adds a bit of information to the name, but not as much as might be found in the Guest Page Description discussed below.)
  3. Guest Page Description. From the Guest Page Description dropdown box, select whether the group's description will be formatted as plain text or as HTML formatted text. In the text entry field below the dropdown box, enter a detailed description of the group. This description can be ups to 10,000 characters in length and can include a purpose or a mission statement. This description is initially posted to the group's guest view screen and can be changed at any time by the Group Leader.

    Request Group Part 2

  4. Group Category. From the Group Category dropdown box, select the category under which you would like to put the group.
  5. Group Type. Select Public, Restricted, or Hidden. If you are requesting creation of a restricted group, enter the group's access criteria in the text entry field below the radio buttons. Additionally, you can specify that a hidden group's content be blocked from being viewed by the Groups Administration by checking the Admin Blocked checkbox.
  6. Browse Control. You can choose to make your group visible to some user roles and hidden to others. From the fields in the Browse Control section, specify the user roles that will be allowed to see the group's listing on the Group Index. Click on a role to highlight it, then click on the left arrow to add it to the Selected Roles list (the list of those who won't be able to see the group). To unselect a role, highlight a role in the Selected Roles list and click on the right arrow to move it to Unselected Roles.

    Request Group Part 3

  7. Sorting. Check to sort membership lists by last name (by default, they are sorted by first name).
  8. Groups Applications. Check the applications and tools you want provided to the group through the group homepage. Click the appropriate checkbox if you want to be able to delegate management of group applications and tools to other group members. Unless you plan to maintain the group's homepage entirely yourself, you should check this box.
  9. Request Comment. Enter any optional comments the Group Administrator should know as your request to create the group is evaluated.
  10. Group Policies. Read ISU's policies governing online groups. Check the box showing you have read and understand the policy. You cannot submit the application until you have checked this box.
  11. Click the Submit Request button to submit the application. To exit without requesting group creation, click Cancel.

When you submit your request, you will see a window stating your request has been submitted. Click OK. You are returned to the My Groups page.

Note: By requesting the creation of a group, you will become the Group Leader if your request is approved.

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