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How to Use BengalWeb

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What are channels & tabs?

BengalWeb provides informational content through channels. In general, channels provide at-a-glance information with click-throughs to expanded content or web resources. Some typical channels that you may see include information like:

More About Channels. Channels are set off from each other by borders, and each contains a title and a toolbar.

Typical Channel

The toolbar allows you to edit preferences for the channel, delete the channel, maximize the channel, minimize the channel, or even get help topics about the channel.

Maximize Icon Click on the maximize icon to expand a channel to fill the screen.

Minimize Icon Click on the minimize icon to present less information (leaves the title but gets rid of the rest).

Close Icon Click on the close icon to remove the channel from your layout. From now on when you log in to the system, the channel will no longer be available. If you want to re-access the channel, you will have to re-add it to the tab by using the content/layout link (see the Customize Your View section of this User's Guide to learn how). Note: If the close icon is grayed out, that means that the channel is fixed and cannot be removed.

Help Icon Click on the help icon to see channel help (when available).

Edit Icon Click on the edit icon to edit channel settings (when available).

When you click on the links within some channels, full pages of information might open. For example, a "Personal Announcements" channel may only contain the text of the last three or four announcements that you have received. Depending on the length of a given announcement, the text may only contain the first one or two sentences. However, when you click on the link contained in any of the displayed announcements, the Personal Announcement page opens, displaying the full content of all the announcements that you have been sent.

Tabs. When you first log in to the system, you will see a set number of tabs with predefined channels. By default, the contents of the "Home" tab is displayed. Click on the other tabs to see what they contain.

The layout you see when you log in contains content relevant to all system users and to your specific role (student, faculty member, employee, etc.). However, you can add new tabs to your personal layout and populate them with other channels to which you are able to subscribe.


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