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User's Guide to BengalWeb

How to Use BengalWeb

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What does BengalWeb do?

BengalWeb's many features give you single sign-on access to ISU's web-based services and provide you with a personalized gateway to the Internet.

Remember: New channels and features will be added frequently. Check the New & Coming Soon section often to stay up to date.

Here's a brief overview of some of the features you'll find:

Calendar IconCalendars. BengalWeb provides a Web-based calendar application that you can use to create and manage personal calendars. You can also see calendars for any online groups you have joined. To access your calendar, click the Calendar icon at the upper right hand corner of your BengalWeb homepage.

E-mail. The "Sun WebMail" channel on your BengalWeb homepage provides direct access to your ISU webmail account. From here, you can send and receive messages and maintain an address book of online contacts. To access your e-mail account, click on the mailbox logo in the "Sun WebMail" channel.

Moodle. BengalWeb also provides direct access to Moodle ISU, our university's course management system. To access Moodle, click on the "Moodle" channel on the "Academics" tab.

Groups IconGroups. BengalWeb allows you to create and join online groups, and creates instant homepages for these groups. A group homepage contains resources such as photo albums, Internet links, file access, and news articles, and applications such as message boards (discussion forums) and calendars. To access the Groups application, click the Groups icon that appears in the toolbar at the upper right hand corner of your BengalWeb homepage.

ISU Tools & Information. A variety of channels in BengalWeb are provided to give you access to the university's online information and services. Some of these channels will be replacing the information and services found in our old web portals — MyISU (for students) and Faculty/Staff Tools (for faculty and staff). Other channels will provide links to commonly accessed university websites and online forms. In the future, new channels will be added to supply additional services. See the BengalWeb Tour & Channel Directory section of this User's Guide for details.

Announcements. The "Campus Announcements" channel on your BengalWeb homepage displays important messages containing information that all members of the ISU community should know. The "Personal Announcements" channel displays messages sent especially to YOU —based on your role in the university, or membership in a particular group. Click on an announcement to view details. Check often to stay informed.

Bookmarks. The "My Bookmarks" channel allows you to add bookmarks (favorite links) of your choice so that you while you're in BengalWeb you can also get to other sites on the Internet that you access frequently.


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