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Argos Reporting

About Argos

Argos is a tool to help ISU personnel access the data they need from the Banner database. Argos produces reports based on requests for information made from end users around campus. Once a report is created, anyone with appropriate clearance can look up that report information on their own computer, any time they want.  The report is updated each night, so the information a report contains is generally accurate as of the night before. 

Access to information in Argos is set to match the security access you have in Banner.  If you have clearance in Banner to look at certain information, Argos will allow you to access that information as well.  If you do not have clearance, you won’t be able to access the information.

Basic Instructions

  1. Open Internet Explorer. (Note: Argos will not work with Firefox without additional uploads. Instructions for uploading the appropriate programs to allow you to access Argos using Firefox can be found here: Access Argos_using_Firefox.)
  2. Log on to BengalWeb.
  3. Click on the Employees Tab, then click on "View a Report" in the Reports @ ISU (Argos) channel. 
  4. First Time Installation Only: Instructions to install “ActiveX Control” are displayed. (Look for yellow box at the top of your screen.) The first time you login, follow these instructions so that Argos can work on your computer. After ActiveX has loaded once, your computer will automatically launch Argos the next time you log in. You may need to re-do step 4 once it has loaded, depending on your system.
  5. When the Login box appears, type in your ISU Username and password, then click the Login button. 
  6. Once Argos is open, you will see some tabs in the column on the left: Explorer, Quicklaunch, and Dashboards. Below the tabs are some icons and then some file folders with + signs next to them. Choose a category and click on the + sign to open the files.
  7. Continue to click on plus signs to "drill down" through the files and blocks to find the report you wish to view. Click once on that report, then choose "Execute" from the list of options that appears on the right.
  8. On the next page that opens, choose the information you want to see in your report.  Use the drop-down arrows as needed for the fields shown.  (The question mark next to each field explains the information required for that field).
  9. Once you have selected the desired information, click on the “Next” button at the bottom right of the page. 
  10. When the next window appears, click on the “Preview” button.
  11. The chosen report will appear on your screen.  (Note:  if the report has multiple pages, you will see the additional pages displayed in the left column of your screen.  You can click on any of these to open that page on the main screen.)
  12. Be sure to close the report and log out of Argos and BengalWeb when you are finished.

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