Tigeri Training

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Debra SheinMarjanna Hulet
, M.A

Responsible for the development and management of the training program; designs instructional materials. Chief contact for TigerGuides.

208-282-2598 hulemarj@isu.edu


Debra SheinCali Bell

Develops Tigeri communication materials; maintains project web sites. Participates in training efforts; creates instructional materials.

208-282-4446 bellcali@isu.edu


Our "Tiger Trainers" work closely with the rest of the Tigeri Project staff:


Debra SheinDavid Alexander, Ph.D.

Manages and coordinates the overall scope, cost, schedule, and quality of the Tigeri project.

208-282-3882 alexdavi@isu.edu


Debra SheinRae Hanson

Responsible for financial record keeping and maintaining budgets; updates and coordinates room reservations; provides project support.

208-282-3424 hansrae@isu.edu


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Pocatello, Idaho, 83209