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Account & Commodity Codes

Look up Account Codes (equivalent of old Object Codes)

Account Codes designate a category of revenue or expense as defined by Finance. Used to track expenditures made using P-Cards.

Look up Commodity Codes
Commodity Codes designate a particular type of item being purchased. Used to track expenditures made via the requisition process.

Additional Commodity Code Information
Each Commodity Code consists of a 3-letter identifier (Alpha Category) followed by a 5 digit number (example: OFS64590). The Alpha Category designates the type of expense, so it is important to select a Commodity Code only from those that fall under the correct Alpha Category for your particular purchase. The complete Commodity Code list is extensive, so purchasers should familiarize themselves with the Alpha Categories.

Items over $299 are grouped in the “Equipment” and “Vehicles” Alpha Categories. “Supplies” categories are reserved for items under $299. Items over $5000 need special attention and must have a >$5000 Commodity Code.

Each Alpha Category contains a Commodity Code to be used for items that do not match any of the listed Commodity Codes: “Other Not Otherwise Classified.” Before you choose this, please be sure that the item you are purchasing truly isn’t covered by any of the other listed codes.

Selecting the correct Commodity Code for your purchase is important, so if you have any questions about which code to use, ASK. Contact Rebecca Ramey in Accounting at 282-3066 or email her at ramerebe@isu.edu.


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