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Transportation Services

Transportation Services Policies

Check out the full Transportation Services Vehicle Use (Policy #2310).

    The function of the Motor Pool is to provide for the transportation needs of the University in an economical manner. For this purpose, the University keeps and maintains an assortment of vehicles such as pickups, vans, suburbans and sedans. These vehicles are either "assigned vehicle," or "Pool vehicles."

    ASSIGNED VEHICLE - One which is rented to a department on a permanent basis.
    POOL VEHICLE - One which is rented to a department on a short term basis. A vehicle will be assigned by the Motor Pool to best suit the trip and meet the department needs.

    1. Assigned Vehicles
      Assigned vehicles are to be arranged for through the Transportation Office. Demand and availability will vary from time to time, but every effort will be made to meet the needs of the requesting department.
    2. Pool Vehicles
      • Pool vehicles must be Reserved on line from transportation's web site, or by faxing (4975) a MP-1 Form " motor pool request Form " with the following information.
        1. Type of vehicle needed.
        2. Department account number.
        3. Destination.
        4. Departure date and time.
        5. Return date and time.
        6. Driver of vehicle.
        7. Account director signature.
      • Reservations should be made in advance as soon as possible.
      • If a reservation is made in less than 24 hours of departure, you need to call the Transportation office to check on the availability of that particular vehicle.

      • A confirmation will be e-mailed to the Person that Reserved the vehicle confirming the reservation.
      • The driver or a representative of the driver must sign to check out the vehicle at the Transportation Office.

      • Cancellation of a vehicle should be e-mailed or phoned in at the Transportation Office (4460) then followed up by a fax (4975) or mailed to the transportation office no later than 24 hours before scheduled departure, so the vehicle will be available for use by other departments.
      • If the vehicle was not used and was not canceled in advance, the department that made the reservations will pay the daily use charge for the vehicle that was reserved.

      Pickup and return
      • Vehicles may be checked out from the Transportation Office only between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. during summer hours) Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. (After hours, vehicles can be checked out through Public Safety.)
      • The vehicle must to be returned to the same area from where it was picked up.
      • Keys should be checked out between the hours of 4:00 and 5:00 P.M. during the academic year or between 3:00 and 4:00 P.M. during summer hours for individuals departing in pool vehicles before or after business hours.
      • Keys may be returned to the Transportation Office drop box in the south west corner of the Transportation building ( Building # 27 ).

      Authorized Users
      • Students, Faculty, Staff, and State Employees.
      • Both Pool and assigned vehicles are to be driven only by authorized personnel and be used only for authorized University and state business.

      • Use of University vehicles for commuting must have prior approval of the President or appropriate vice president of his/her designee.
      • The value of an employee's use of a University vehicle for personal use such as commuting to and from home is a taxable benefit and is included in the employee's gross income and is subject to FICA, retirement, Federal and State withholding . Rates for personal use of vehicles are determined in accordance with Internal Revenue Service regulations and the calculated amounts are added to the employee's gross income on a quarterly cycle. Contact the Payroll Office for detailed information.

      Gas Credit Cards
      • Gas Credit cards are available, for use when it is not possible to use the state fuel card. Used only for fuel, oil, and emergency repairs for University Vehicles.
      • Mileage and Vehicle Unit Number should be noted on all credit card receipts.
      • Receipts and Credit cards are to be returned to the Transportation office on the day the vehicle is returned.
      • State Fuel Card is assigned to a vehicle. The Fuel Card must be returned to the Transportation Office immediately upon returning the vehicle. A per day use charge will be assessed to the using department until the Fuel Card is returned.
      • Emergency cash purchases will be reimbursed to the user at the Transportation Office. ( Receipt required )

      Observance of Traffic and Other Regulations
      • State and local traffic regulations must be observed at all times.
      • Infraction - A driver ( while in a State Vehicle) committing an infraction of such regulations will be personally liable for any fines and may be subject to University disciplinary action.
      • Driving privileges of a University vehicle may be suspended if the driver is determined to exhibit poor driving habits.
      • Vehicle Capacity - Vehicles will not be loaded with equipment or passengers beyond their capacity. Items should not be stacked above the front seat unless the vehicle is equipped with a safety screen.
      • Seat belts - It is university policy and state law, that all occupants wear a seat belt while the vehicle is in motion.
      • Abuse - The Department may be charged for any damage resulting from abuse of a vehicle. The driver of the vehicle may be subject to the University disciplinary action.
      • Cleaning fees may be charged to the using department at the discretion of the Transportation Director.

      Repairs on Pool Vehicles
      • Repairs and Services must be made through the Transportation Shop.
      • Road Emergencies must be reported into the Transportation Office by the user before any repairs are made. The Transportation Office will determine whether another vehicle will be dispatched or if repairs should be made on the road. Please call the Transportation Office 282-4460 or after hours Public Safety at 282-2515.
      • Unauthorized Repairs. The Department may be subject to all unauthorized repair costs.
      • Any Mechanical problems, damages or unusual noises on pool vehicles should be reported to the Transportation office so repairs can be made and vehicles can be kept in the best possible condition.

      ISU Department owned vehicles
      • Vehicles must be serviced every four months or 3000 miles (whichever occurs first).
      • A service may be performed at off campus facilities. A copy of the invoice must be sent to the ISU Transportation Office.
      • All vehicles and trailers must be safety inspected once a year at the ISU Transportation Shop.

      • All accidents involving a University vehicle must be promptly reported.
      • First to the Local or State police or ISU Public Safety.
      • Second as soon as possible, to the ISU Transportation Office.
      • Third as soon as possible, to your supervisor
      • Insurance information can be found in the glove compartment and must be completed and turned into the Transportation Office.

      Citizen's Claim Procedure
      • The green slip of paper inside the insurance information guide should be given to the driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident.

      Emergency Items
      • Emergency items, such as tire chains, pull straps, shovels, flash lights, etc. can be requested at the time the vehicle is reserved.
      • The Department will be responsible for any Emergency Items missing from the Emergency Kits.

      Vehicle rates
      • Rental rates are set as low as possible and are revised at appropriate times. User rates are on the actual cost of operations Please contact Transportation Services at X 4460 for further information.