Undergraduate Curriculum Council

Instructions for Completing an Undergraduate Catalog Change Proposal

Part A:
Overview and Proposal Approvals

The Overview and Proposal Approvals (Part A) section serves to summarize and briefly explain the purpose of the curriculum changes and the required approvals prior to proposal submission.  Please refer the Sample Curriculum Proposal as a guide to filling out this section.

PROPOSAL:  Enter a descriptive Proposal Title, College, Department, Proposal Originator name, email, and phone. 

PROPOSED CHANGES:  A brief description of the type of changes being made, i.e.:  Pre/Coreq changes, semester changes, course descriptions, course title change, modifications to degree requirements, proposing new courses are just a few examples. 

DEPARTMENT VOTE:  Proposals must be discussed and approved by the department faculty.  A faculty vote must be recorded in Part A including the date of the vote, numbers of yes/no/abstain votes, and total number of eligible faculty.

APPROVALS:  Prior to proposal submission, the PO emails the link to the Google Doc of the completed proposal (including all impact statements -- see Part D) to the department chair, Dean, and UCC Rep for review and approval.  All signatures are required and signify that the proposal is complete, impacts have been resolved, and program considerations (budgets, strategic plan, program prioritization) have been made.

GEN ED PROPOSALS:  All changes that affect any General Education courses require separate review and approval by the General Education Requirements Committee (GERC).  A separate Gen Ed course proposal must be submitted and approved by GERC for all new or existing courses to be added to or dropped from the General Education Program.

STATE PROPOSALS:  Certain Program changes may require approval by the State Board of Education (SBOE) and/or the North West accrediting body (NWCCU).  Contact Academic Affairs to find out whether a State Proposal is required.  Allow several months for review and approval by SBOE and NWCCU before these program changes can be included in a catalog.

GRADUATE CATALOG:  If the proposed changes affect the Graduate catalog, a separate proposal must be submitted to the Graduate Council using their catalog change form and process.

Please refer to Part B:  Course Changes, Additions, Deletions for instructions in filling out the next section.


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