Undergraduate Curriculum Council

Instructions for Completing an Undergraduate Catalog Change Proposal

Part C:
Program (Plan/Course of Study) Changes

The Program (Course of Study) Changes (Part C) section is used to indicate any changes to the material found on the Admissions, Programs and/or Plan of Study tabs in your department/program's section of the online Undergraduate Catalog.

Always include total credits when proposing Program of Study catalog changes. 

1. What is the rationale for these Program Changes? Provide an explanation for the proposed changes.

2. New Proposed Catalog Copy: The Proposal Originator (PO) will display desired changes to the Admissions, Programs, and Plan of Study tabs here. Be sure to clearly show all changes from the original. Please use a red font with strike-out for deletions, and a red font with underline for new text in Google Docs to make your changes in this section.  Do NOT use the Track-Changes feature in Word as they do not show up in Google Docs.

Based upon the information provided by the PO in the Proposal Request Form, the Catalog Editor embeds the pertinent section(s) of the catalog into Part C. If there are any errors, discrepancies, or omissions in Part C, immediately contact the Catalog Editor before you proceed further, via phone (xt. 4963) or email (ugcat@isu.edu) .

Do NOT include course descriptions here. All changes to courses must be made using Part B.

3. List all the places in the catalog that are affected by these changes: For all course changes, perform a search of the PDF catalog to find all other locations in the catalog that use or reference the affected courses. List each catalog location (page number) and course affected to ensure the change is made throughout the catalog.

The PDF Catalog may be downloaded by:

4. Current Catalog Copy: DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES TO THIS SECTION -- it is the historical record of the catalog text as it currently exists. It is included here for permanent reference.

PLEASE NOTE: Changes to the information found on the Overview and Faculty tabs, are updated through a separate process that occurs after all UCC-approved changes have been entered in the catalog. For additional information about the editing process for non-curricular items in the Undergraduate Catalog, please contact the Catalog Editor (xt. 4963 or ugcat@isu.edu).

PLEASE NOTE:  Dropping or renaming of any major, minor, concentration/track/emphasis may require the approval of the State Board of Education.  For more information please see the SBOE/NWCCU Proposal Info page.

Please refer to Part D:  Infrastructure Impacts for instructions in filling out the next section.


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