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State Board of Education (SBOE) Curriculum Proposal Information

A State Proposal is required when seeking to add, modify, or discontinue an instructional degree program or program major, minor, option, or emphasis area, or to create, rename, or delete an instructional unit (division, department, school, or college). For further information on State Proposal requirements and the submission process, refer to the Program Proposal and Approval page on the Academic Affairs website. Proposals requiring State and/or NWCCU approval should be completed and approved by UCC in the Spring semester of the catalog cycle (e.g., Spring 2018 for the 2019-20 catalog).

For additional information, please visit the State Board of Education website.

NWCCU Proposal Information

If a department is contemplating a proposal that may need to be approved by NWCCU, early submission is imperative. Approval may take several months and is required prior to implementation of the change (see link below).

NWCCU: "...While the decision to make changes is an institutional prerogative and responsibility, the Commission is obligated to monitor the effect of a substantive change on the validity of the institution’s accreditation status with the Commission. Substantive changes in candidate or accredited institutions are to be reported to the Commission and approved in advance of implementation…."

The entire NWCCU policy may be reviewed here.

Please contact Academic Affairs Accreditation Liaison if you have any questions regarding this policy or changes to your programs.





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