Undergraduate Curriculum Council

General Information

New Curriculum Council forms and procedures for 2019-20 catalog are now available.

A Curriculum Council Proposal is required for all undergraduate curriculum and/or course changes.

While the due date for proposal submission is September 20th each year, the UCC encourages departments to submit proposals early, by April 15th each year (prior spring semester). In particular, if a department is contemplating a proposal that may require approval by the SBOE and/or NWCCU, early submission is imperative.  Approvals may take several months and are required prior to implementation of the change (see except/links below).

Catalog Change Memos -- originate from the Registrar's Office for minor corrections and changes to the catalog:

The UCC has implemented a process that allows the Registar's Office a wway of correcting minor erros found in the catalog or making minor changes that do not affect any other campus units without the need for a full UCC proposal.

SBOE State Program Proposal and Approval (link to Academic Affairs website):
NWCCU:  “…While the decision to make changes is an institutional prerogative and responsibility, the Commission is obligated to monitor the effect of a substantive change on the validity of the institution’s accreditation status with the Commission. Substantive changes in candidate or accredited institutions are to be reported to the Commission and approved in advance of implementation….


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