Undergraduate Curriculum Council Current Proposals

2017 UCC Curriculum Proposals

for all 2018-19 Undergraduate Catalog Proposals in Process

Deadline for Spring 2018 proposal submission: Monday, April 23, 2018 (for 2019-20 catalog)

= approved by Curriculum Council   = approved by GERC   = accepted by Provost  ≠ = entered into Catalog
W = proposal withdrawn   D = proposal denied by Provost   T = Tabled

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new proposal process Workflow chart

Proposals submitted to UCC:

College of Arts and Letters

College of Business

College of Education

College of Science and Engineering

College of Technology

Division of Health Sciences


Student Success Center


State Proposals (Program Changes)


Prior Year Proposal Lists:

2016 UCC Master Proposal status list for 2017-18 Undergraduate Catalog
2015 UCC Master Proposal status list for 2016-17 Undergraduate Catalog
2014 UCC Master Proposal status list for 2015-16 Undergraduate Catalog
2013 UCC Master Proposal status list for 2014-15 Undergraduate Catalog


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