Office of the General Counsel

Health Programs Guide

Affiliation Agreements

Affiliation agreements are contracts which set forth clinical and educational arrangements between ISU on behalf of its programs and Hospitals, Clinics, or other sites which allow students to perform internships/externships at the sites according to each student's specific program requirements. Each Program Coordinator is responsible for initiating, processing, and tracking his/her Program's affiliation agreements. The role of the Office of General Counsel (OGC) is to facilitate the review, negotiation, approval, and signature stages of the agreement process. For procedural guidelines link to the "Affiliation Agreement Overview of Process" below.

Master agreements may include all or several of the health related programs at ISU. Such master agreements are initiated, negotiated, processed, and tracked by the OGC. All master agreements are available to Program Coordinators, faculty, and staff via the OGC's share folder. Contact the OGC in order to request access to this share folder. See the Overview of Process and Master Agreements links below for more information.

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