Sexual Harassment: Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities

Welcome to the ISU Anti-Sexual Harassment Tutorial.* We hope you'll pay close attention. If you're ever the victim of sexual harassment, you need to know that the University will take your complaint seriously, and won't tolerate retaliation of any kind. And if you've done anything that could be considered sexual harassment, you need to understand that, too - for at least two reasons. First, you could be disciplined, even lose your job. But more importantly, everyone's entitled to a working and learning environment that's free from sexual harassment. You'd surely insist on it for the people you love. You should insist on it for yourself and other members of the University community, too.

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*Adapted, in part, from training materials provided to the NACUA Clearinghouse of Training Materials for the Practice of Preventive Law in Higher Education. Provided by the California State University System.

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