Why I teach

David Flint

Health Occupations Education Specialist/Advanced Instructor
College of Technology

What inspired you to be a university professor?
Actually I am an Advanced Instructor in the College of Technology. What has inspired me is a continued desire to learn more about Paramedicine and the Health Sciences to better help my students who will be caring for others in health care settings.

Why teach in a university setting?
I enjoy the freedom and flexibility to be creative in developing new curriculum activities and labs for my students in the Health Professions. We have been able to have classes through online conferencing programs such as Elluminate, visit a surgical suite or other departments in PMC, and participate in a Cadaver Labs.

If you weren't a university professor what do you think you would be doing?
I would probably still be teaching in some capacity or would like to carry my jump kit back to West Africa and participate in Humanitarian missions.

What has teaching taught you about yourself?
I continue to enjoy teaching and learning about the human body, health, and medicine. Teaching is a way of giving to others. I have found that as I continue to teach, wonderful benefits and opportunities become available.

What is the most difficult aspect of teaching?
The most difficult aspect of teaching at the University is scheduling, live, online and hybrid classes to meet student needs and provide adequate training for them to enter their profession. We need to find a way to create additional interaction with our students.

What inspired you to enter higher education?
A desire to use the knowledge gained through my paramedic training and to continue to learn more about the Health Sciences and Medicine.

Is there an identifying moment where you knew you had a pronounced positive impact upon a student?
There are many. What is rewarding is running into students in the community and they describe how they enjoyed what they learned or they have gone on and used the information they learned as a foundation to a related career. Hearing about former students becoming medics in the military or going on to PA or medical school has been rewarding.

What career/life messages do you try to impart upon your students?
Make your life count. Don't just get a degree because it is expedient for a job. Find a career field you are genuinely interested in and use it to help others.

What do you want students to take from their ISU educational experience?
I would like their experience here to be a positive and enjoyable learning experience. They should take away all the knowledge and skills to be successful in starting and continuing in their new career.


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