Why I teach

Julie Newsome

Associate Professor
College of Education

What inspired you to be a university professor?
As a classroom teacher, I impacted the lives of many students. By coming to the University as a professor and teaching the people who want to become teachers, my impact grows exponentially.

Why teach in a university setting?
University settings are thoughtful environments where adults come together to learn, discuss concepts and ideas and becoming contributing members of society. I find this to be a wonderful atmosphere in which I teach.

If you weren't a university professor what do you think you would be doing?
If I were not teaching at the University, I would most likely be teaching in an elementary school classroom or working in a local school district to mentor classroom teachers.

What has teaching taught you about yourself?
The more I teach I realize that I have so much more to learn, and if I continue to be a learner, I will also be a better teacher.

What is the most difficult aspect of teaching?
The most difficult aspect of teaching is understanding each of my students and providing the learning experience that each student needs on an individual level.

Is there an identifying moment where you knew you had a pronounced positive impact upon a student?
I know I have had a positive impact on a student when he or she asks to borrow activities and materials I have modeled in class, so he or she can use these strategies with his or her own students.

What career/life messages do you try to impart upon your students?
I want my students to do what they love and love what they do. I also want them to realize the awesome responsibility they accept when becoming teachers. They have the power to promote the love of learning and to encourage life-long learning. I want them to treat each of their students as individuals and to care about each one of them as learners. Most importantly, I want them to realize that what their students learn is infinitely more important than what they teach.

What do you want students to take from their ISU educational experience?
I want my students to achieve the knowledge, skills and dispositions of a beginning teacher; I also want them to have an established network of people they can call on for help and advice. Most importantly, I want them to have a love for learning.


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