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Primary Teaching Responsibilities
        BIOS 464/564 AND BIOS 486/586 'Lectures in Human Physiology' -- Fall Semester
        BIOS 314 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy --  Fall Semester

Team-taught coursework
      BIOS 486/586L 'Human Physiology Laboratory' -- Fall (with Ken Rodnick)   

Curt Anderson, PhD                         comparative anatomy and evolution of the neural control of movement

Graduate Student Researchers
Tom Bickley  (2003 - present)      comparative anatomy for feeding tree frogs
Angela Hillier (2003 - present)       the biomechanics of swimming in Xenopus

Undergraduate Researchers
Steve Wray      (2004-present)   integration of visual projections with motor neurons in the brainstem
Nic Clark         (2002-present)   convergence of multiple forms of sensory projections in the brainstem
Carolyn Hurley    (2002-2003)        learning and memory of the frog feeding system

Martin Lee         (2001-2003)         olfactory projections into the midbrain of rana pipiens
Jamie Wiklund    (2001 - 2003)      innervation of the lower jaw in Xenopus laevis
Mike Luedeman   (2000 - 2002)         integration of glossopharyngeal and hypoglossal information
Brock Wolff       (2000 - 2002)         the trigeminal nerve coordination of the mandibles during feeding
Dave Chiddix      (2001 - 2002)          the function of the cerebellum in frogs
Denny Orme      (2001 - 2002)           comparative anatomy of the hypoglossal nerve in tree frogs
Keli Thomas       (1999 - 2000)           feeding and directed movement in aquatic anurans
Denise Harwood  (1999 - 2000)           neuroanatomical bases for jaw muscle coordination during feeding
Ryan Longmore   (1999 - 2000)
Lance Longmore  (1999 - 2000)
Simbareshe Parienyatwa (1999)

Selected publications (from the last couple of years)

Wolff JB, M Lee and CW Anderson. (in press) The contribution of the submentalis muscle to feeding                                 mechanics in the leopard frog, Rana pipiens  J. Experimental Biology
Chiddix DN, RB Longmore, LS Longmore and CW Anderson (in revision) The role of the cerebellum during feeding in the leopard frog, Rana pipiens. Physiology and Behavior

Luedeman M and CW Anderson (in revision) Anatomical convergence of hypoglossal and glossopharyngeal projections from the tongue of the leopard frog, Rana pipiens.  Brain Research

Anderson, CW (2001). Anatomical evidence for brainstem circuits mediating feeding motor programs in the leopard frog, Rana pipiens.  Experimental Brain Research 140:12-19

Harwood, D.V. and C. W. Anderson (2000). Evidence for the anatomical origins of hypoglossal afferents in the tongue of the leopard frog, Rana pipiens. Brain Research 862(1-2):288-291.

Anderson C.W. and J. Keifer (1999). Properties of conditioned abducens nerve responses in the absence of the sustained component of the reflex. 81:1242-1250 J Neurophysiology

Anderson C.W., K. C. Nishikawa and J. Keifer (1998).  Distribution of hypoglossal motor neurons innervating the prehensile tongue of the African pig-nosed frog, Hemisus marmoratum. 244(1):5-8. Neuroscience Letters

Anderson C.W. and J. Keifer (1998). Evidence for a photosensitive region in the caudal mesencephalon of the turtle brain. 119(4):453-459. Experimental Brain Research

Anderson C.W. and J. Keifer (1997). The cerebellum and red nucleus are not required for in vitro classical conditioning of the turtle abducens nerve.  17(24):9736-9745. J Neuroscience

Anderson C.W. and K.C. Nishikawa (1997).  The functional anatomy of hypoglossal afferents in the leopard frog, Rana pipiens. 771/2:285-291. Brain Research

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