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Black Willow Kennels


Welcome to Black Willow Kennels, a small kennel of working,
playing and racing Alaskan Huskies owned by
Curt Anderson and Linette Riley

Located out in the sagebrush desert of southeastern Idaho,
our kennels house 18 Alaskan huskies and 1 golden retriever.
We primarily train for short mid-distance races of 20-100 miles,
and try to maintain the highest standards in dog care,
nutrition, and animal well being.

training trails
We primarily train either off our property along the banks of the Snake River, or out on the desert of SE Idaho.  During periods of no snow, the dogs are trained pulling an ATV.  Dog sledding opportunities abound in Idaho, although much of our sledding time is spent in the Targhee NF up near Ashton, Idaho.  Contact us for training trails in our area.

 transporting the critters
We transport the dogs using a 1993 Ford F-250. We flat-bedded the truck and built custom dog boxes on the back for the dogs, sleds, and assorted equipment.  Visit our photopoint album (see below)for complete plans and more pictures.

For a complete photo-album of our races and pics from the dog-yard,
please wander over to our photopoint album

   our dogs are powered by 

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      Guided dogsledding tours in our area.....

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