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Basic Internet/Computer Class in Spanish

The Hispanic Health Projects in conjuction with the American Falls
District Library started the computer class on May 20, 2006.

The computer class was designed to teach basic computer skills to the Spanish speaking members of the community

The participants in the computer class learned to:
· Identify and use computer hardware.
· Operate basic functions on a computer.
· Create texts in Microsoft Word 2003.
· Enter and navigate the internet.
· Send pictures and documents via free email.
· Find important information available on Internet.

Some benefits of the computer class for the Hispanic community were:
· By using email, Hispanics will be able to maintain a more frequent,
faster and convenient communication with their loved ones anywhere in
the world.

· With internet/computer skills parents can track sites on the
internet that their kids visit and protect them from online predators,
as well as other dangerous sites.










































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