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Partnering for Birth


Partnering for Birth began in 2009

Partnering for Birth is a direct service program brought to commencement by Hispanic Health Projects affiliated with Community Health Corps located at Idaho State University and partnered with Health West of Southeast Idaho.

Summary of Goals:
Goal 1: Prepare pregnant teens for childbirth and parenting.
Goal 2: Increase utilization of prenatal care.
Goal 3 Reduce subsequent teen births.

Objective 1:
Partnering for Birth will prepare teens for childbirth and parenting by developing a coping mindset, increasing self efficacy, enhancing biological knowledge of the pregnancy process.

Objective 2:
By partnering with Health West and providing community resources we increase the access to prenatal care as well as we can encourage pregnant teens to use programs such as WIC and Medicaid.

Objective 3:
By utilizing Heather Schaper as a biomedical resource we are able to distribute accurate information about contraception.

Class Schedule:
The classes are expected to begin Wednesday Feb. 4 at 4pm at the start of the new trimester and will be held once a week and last six to eight weeks and the program will hopefully continue through-out the summer and on into fall of 2009. American Falls high school will be hosting Partnering for Birth in one of the available classrooms on campus. The schedule is set up for six weeks but there will be room for two more weeks depending on the focus, pace, and interests of the parents. Other activities include movement/body awareness activities and Pocatello hospital familiarization time.




















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Team Memebers


- Hailey Lusk

(Bilingual Health West Health Educator)

- Heather Schaper

(MA in Medical Anthropology)

- Sunny Stone

(MPH Graduate Student)

- Richelle Whitehead

(AmeriCorps Member)


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