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Downloadable PDF's
Cartwright, E. "Bodily Remembering: Memory, Place, and Understanding Latino Folk Illnesses among the Amuzgos Indians of Oaxaca, Mexico," Culture Medicine and Psychiatry. Forthcoming 2007. (Accepted for publication 1/16/07)
Cartwright, E. and P. Ållotey, “Participatory Action Research in Advocacy and Social Justice in Women’s Health: Introduction” Women and Health, 43(4) 2006.
Cartwright, E. et al, “Community-based participatory research with Hispanic Agricultural Workers in SE Idaho” Women and Health, 43(4) 2006.
Cartwright, E. “Hummingbird” Review of documentary film focusing on domestic violence in Brazil by Holly Mosher.
Cartwright, E. “Exchanging Hats: A Gendered Perspective on Teaching Clinical Medical Anthropology”, Women and Health, 34(7):23-34, June 2003.
Cartwright, E. “Little Dove: The story of an Amuzgan Indian girl”, in Personal Encounters in Anthropology: A Reader in Cultural Anthropology, edited by April Sievert and Linda Wallbridge. Pp. 97-101. McGraw Hill Publishers, 2002..
Nichter, Mark and E. Cartwright, "Saving the Children for the Tobacco Industry", Medical Anthropology Quarterly, 5(3):236-256, 1991.
Cartwright, E. “The Logic of Heartbeats: Electronic Fetal Monitoring and Biomedically Constructed Birth”,in Cyborg Babies, eds. Robbie Davis-Floyd and Joseph Dumit.Pp. 240-254. Routledge, 1998.
Cartwright, E.and Jan Thomas “Risk, Technology and Malpractice in Maternity Care in the United States, Sweden, Canada and the Netherlands.” in Eds. Rayomond DeVries, Edwin van Teijlingen and Sirpa Wrede Pp. 218-228. Birth by Design:The Social Shaping of Maternity Care in Northern Europe and North America, Routledge, 2000.
Cartwright, E . and Diana Schow "Why Salsa Aerobics Works," Migrant Health Newsline. 21(1):2, January/February 2004
Cartwright, E. Espacios de enfermedad y sanacion. Los amuzgos de Oaxaca. Entre la sierra sur y los campos agricolas de Sonara






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