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The World is in Your Hands Teen Video Workshop

The World is in Your Hands

The program was developed by Dr. Elizabeth Cartwright and Mary Anne Benner.

Over the course of four weeks, students learned how to:
- Write a script
- Create a storyboard
- Use the video camera
- Create a 1 minute Public Service Announcement

To have the students look at:

What role the media plays in a teenagers daily life
and choices
What can they do as teens to promote a positive
message in the media
Watch and discuss commercials made for teaching
a message
Learn the role they can play in pr



A very special thank to Ms. Hazah from the American Falls High School in American Falls, Idaho for allowing us in to your AP Spanish Class and to all the students who participated in our teen video program.



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Videos by Ms. Hazah's AP Spanish Class

Teen Bullying by Group One

Teen Clicks by Group Two

Teen Pregnancy by Group Three

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