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as performed by Prof. Vitit Kantabutra, senior member, IEEE

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Database Management Systems Research
The Relational database model is the dominant data model for DBMSs today.  However, Relational DBMSs has the problem of data redundancy, causing great loss of efficiency and possible data inconsistency.  Additionally, it is much more natural to design a database using the E/R (Entity-Relationship) model than using the Relational model.    Network DBMSs followed the E/R model, but unfortunately it was not supported by a declarative language, and it used the data storage locations as keys.  Our new type of DBMS, called Intentionally-Linked Entities (ILE), uses references to represent relationships, and also permits support by a declarative languages.  Prototype implementation is still under way.

See this reference.

*NEW* See Patent application for the latest exposition of the ILE database system.

VLSI Research

Prof. Vitit Kantabutra of ISU's College of Engineering has published results in 2 major subareas of VLSI design:

Computer Arithmetic Circuits Low-Power VLSI

Neural Networks Research

Hairpin Alg. on XOR network with 2-level, 3-neuron network. Tabulating convergence time (sec.) vs. trad backprop, lambda (sigmoid steepness)=9, eta (learning rate)=1, HP Cel 1.3 GHz machine at home.

trad grad descent new alg, with restart

Conv. time (sec.) Conv. time (sec.)

18.94 2.25

no conv 2.39

2.28 1.67

1 1.01

2.12 1.96

2.29 1.07

1.62 1.2

no conv 3.11

1.61 1.93

21.28 5.4

avg  6.39 2.20
stdev 8.50 1.30

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Prof. Kantabutra also has a personal interest in photography.  You may view some of his photos of Pocatello (also try this link),  and also a photo of the first tier of Erawan Falls, a famous 7-tiered waterfall in Kanchanaburi, Thailand.  The Erawan Falls photo is a finalist in the EarthImage 2000 contest.

A charismatic Pocatello Moose

Autumn from Hootowl Road near Pocatello

 Baby Red Squirrel, Buckskin Area, Pocatello
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