Microorganisms (Bacteria, Archaea, Eukaryotic Microbes) have a profound impact on Earth and it’s denizens. They also hold hope for our future. Clean-up of hazardous waste and production of energy are just two areas where microbes can better life on the planet.

Our broad goals for research and teaching are: 1) Development and application of novel experimental approaches in the study of microorganisms, 2) Participation and training of undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral researchers in our research endeavors, 3) Approaching microbiology with an open mind, and instilling critical thinking in every aspect of our teaching and research.

Our research focuses on the molecular level processes behind extracellular electron transport in metal transforming bacteria, the biochemistry of polyheme cytochromes c, the discovery of novel metal-transforming microorganisms, and the exploration for more and better microbial bioenergy sources.

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Microbes have evolved elegant cellular mechanisms for survival and growth in virtually any Earth environment. There is no limit as to how these mechanisms can be applied for Earth’s benefit.