Who Dun'it? A RealPlayer video presentaion.
Evaluation of Alleged Sasquatch Footprints and Their Inferred Functional Morphology. D. Jeffrey Meldrum.

Other Resources


Legend of Bigfoot put to test. Jan 14, 2001. An article which appeared in the Denver Post by Theo Stein

Bigfoot Field Reserchers Organization BFRO.

NPR Morning Edition segment about Sasquatch reserch.

The Skookum Body Cast

Idaho State University Press Release about the "Skookum Body Cast" October 23, 2000

BFRO web site with information.about the "Skookum Body Cast"

October 30, 2000 Listen to Dr. Meldrum being interviewed about the "Skookum Body Cast" by Mike Seigle on the Coast to Coast Am radio Program October 30, 2000. He is interviewed during the first hour of the show.

Denver Post Article about Skookum Cast.